Jess Marion joins me today to debunk and explore the idea of Secondary Gain. She shares strategies, techniques, and methods for working interactively with clients who may be resistant to change. We explore the links of clients holding onto a problem because there is an unknown benefit of keeping it. Jess highlights when and how to use threshold patterns, regression, and binary choices. She also shares how it is the client-hypnotist relationship that makes the change – not the technique itself.

Jess is a certified (H)NLP and NLP trainer, consulting hypnotist, and hypnosis trainer at The Intelligent Hypnotist. She is a frequent conference speaker and the author of ten books. Jess uses a wide array of skills from symbolic modeling to Ericksonian change work, and Tree of Life coaching to help her clients let go of unwanted behaviors and stress. She holds two degrees from Temple University, where she spent seven years as an adjunct professor.

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“The whole point of any technique is that it facilitates a relationship where change can happen.” – Jess Marion

  • How secondary gain is a consequence of an unseen benefit
  • Comments client’s make that indicate there is a higher purpose
  • Noticing patterns and leveraging what the client gives you
  • How to create and use a threshold pattern
  • How describing the technique is running the technique
  • Understanding client profile personalities to inform how interactions will go
  • How the relationship, not the technique, makes change
  • Instances of when to leverage regression
  • When it’s okay to use binary choice

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