Gary Turner joins me today to share why we should be fighting for hypnosis and creating an environment of change. He shares how he moved from fighting sports to working with people with anxiety issues.

We discuss what hypnosis is and how we should define it. Gary explains why he does not use inductions and instead begins sessions with hypnotic phenomena. He highlights how he sets client expectations and how to condition a response to create a new automatic reaction. Gary also shares how to work within the sports performance field and why we should recognize that we can all do better than what we do.

Gary is a clinical hypnotherapist and the founder of Gary Turner Hypnotherapy, where he helps people with anxiety, phobias, building confidence, and sports performance. He teaches hypnosis through Gary Turner Performance with popular courses such as The Therapy Protocol and Resolving Anger. Before working in the hypnosis industry, Gary had a successful career in mixed martial arts.

“Ultimately all we do is help people imagine stuff differently.” – Gary Turner

  • How Gary used applied psychology in his fighting career
  • Finding mentors who update their knowledge
  • Educating clients as to what hypnosis is
  • Removing the magic from suggestibility tests to show how hypnosis works mechanically
  • Defining hypnosis and focusing on the phenomena
  • Why inductions are not needed and why we should focus on the suggestion
  • Redefining the terms in hypnosis
  • How to start hypnosis with a phenomena
  • How to work with sports performance clients
  • Giving your public speaking clients homework
  • Ratifying the hypnotic experience

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