Karen Gray triumphantly returns to discuss creating consistent hypnotic growth. She shares how she uses hypnosis to enhance her work as a registered nurse and how she creates the best possible experience for her clients and the community. Karen highlights the scaling opportunities available to hypnotists and describes how she manages time with a busy schedule. Karen also shares why you should look at scripts as a flexible framework and resource to modify as needed to serve the needs of clients better.

Karen is the owner and certified consulting hypnotist at Green Mountain Hypnosis. She is a registered nurse and specializes in stress relief, pain management, and business performance. She earned her Associate’s degree in Arts and Sciences as well as her nursing degree at Castleton University and gained her certification as a consulting hypnotist with Jason at https://WorkSmartHypnosisLIVE.com/. While juggling her busy professional schedule, Karen also creates workshops and is an active member of her Chambers of Commerce.

“Treat everything you learn as a framework.” – Karen Gray

  • The framework for building a successful hypnotherapy practice
  • Why consistency is vital to maintain the things that are working
  • Creating valuable content and using media wisely
  • Letting go of the things that aren’t working
  • Creating workshop foundations for client/audience customization
  • Listening to your client and modifying hypnosis scripts
  • Why you need to be a media company first
  • The rate-setting formula
  • Managing your time, knowing your systems, and automating services

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