Richard Nongard and I join forces today to share four language patterns that hypnotists should eliminate from their vocabulary. We discuss the various phrases that become a bad habit in your hypnosis and why you should avoid using filler and permissive phrases. We reveals why suggestions that are unrealistic and too bold are problematic and how suggestions of incremental success will result in a more consistent outcome. We also discuss tonality’s role in hypnotic suggestions and debunk the myth that the deepest level of trance is the best state for hypnosis work.

Richard is the Founder of Subliminal Science and Hypnosis Nevada. He is a Certified Professional Hypnotist, teacher, and author of best-selling books in the hypnosis field. Richard has more than thirty years of experience speaking to millions of people through his workshops, keynote speeches, books, and videos. He is the President of the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists. He holds a doctorate in Transformation Leadership from Bakke Graduate University and a Master’s in Counseling.

“We should always be using language that gives them full ownership of their experience.” – Richard Nongard

  • Why you should stop using filler phrases such as what I want you to do is
  • Permissive phrases versus direct suggestions
  • Why you should avoid suggestion patterns that are too bold
  • Why you should banish under hypnosis or in hypnosis
  • Teaching clients to use naturally occurring trance phenomena
  • Tonality and hypnotic suggestion
  • The myth that the deepest level of trance is the best level of trance

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