Dr. Richard Nongard joins me today to discuss the hypnosis research every hypnotist needs to know about. He highlights seven of the most important pieces of research that the modern-day hypnotist should be aware of, the dangers of referring to research conducted years ago, and reveals where you can find peer-reviewed studies. Richard also shares research on topics such as what makes hypnosis effective, hypnosis in childbirth, and effective hypnosis interventions to address obesity.

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Richard is the founder of Subliminal Science, an organization that provides live and online training for those who want to practice professional hypnosis. Richard is the president of the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists and the bestselling author of hypnosis books. He has been an educator for more than 30 years and is an innovative leader in the field of hypnosis and psychotherapy. He has a master’s degree in counseling and is an accredited doctorate in transformational leadership from Bakke Graduate University.

“One study does not make a fact. What we are looking for in research is a body of evidence, so we are looking for multiple studies to confirm our conclusion.” – Richard Nongard

  • The dangers of comparing one study to another.
  • How to find peer-reviewed academic studies.
  • Fascinating facts in the New Directions in Hypnosis Research study.
  • The most important variable in whether a client will do well or not.
  • How brief hypnosis can make changes in the brain.
  • Research on hypnosis for childbirth.
  • How hypnosis is an effective intervention for obesity.
  • How hypnosis can enhance the outcome of other treatments.

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