Tom Nicoli joins me today to share how you can go online and conduct hypnosis sessions over remote video. He shares the preparations and adjustments you will need to make to prepare for online sessions, including how to prepare your backdrop and your clients. He shares how you can find clients and advertise your online hypnosis services, as well as the opportunity to help people who have more time to focus on themselves during the Coronavirus outbreak. He also highlights why this is the ideal time for people to stop smoking due to the increased risks of developing a respiratory illness.

Tom is a master practitioner, an internationally recognized coach, and the founder of A Better You Hypnosis and Master Visionary. He is also the founder and Chairman of World Hypnotism Day and an advisory board member at Micoachee.com. Tom is passionate about helping people live happier, healthier lives through online hypnosis and executive & personal development coaching.

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“There’s always an opportunity. There’s always an alternative, so step back, calm down, and shift over.”- Tom Nicoli

  • Trailblazing by taking hypnosis online
  • Video hypnosis versus telephone hypnosis
  • Adjustments and differences for conducting online hypnosis
  • Building rapport over remote video
  • How to find more online hypnosis clients
  • Crafting a background set for video sessions
  • Creating a preparation checklist for client’s
  • How the Coronavirus is giving people more time to focus on themselves

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