Lori Hammond joins me today to share how she started her hypnosis business in the online format. She shares how you can set the stage for successful online hypnosis sessions by preparing your client and setting yourself up with a few pieces of technology. Lori reveals the inductions and techniques that work well for her online clients and the minor adjustments you need to make to your approach. She also shares why she finds it to create resources for her audience, such as post-session recordings.

Lori is the consulting hypnotist at Trancypants, where she helps people lose weight and let go of unwanted habits and addictions. She is passionate about teaching her clients how to use their mind and neuroscience techniques to quickly and effectively solve their problems. Lori has gone from learning hypnosis to overcoming a decades-long struggle with her weight and presenting at HypnoThoughts Live in the upcoming 2020 event.

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“You don’t need to wait until you have all the right tech. You can start with a bare-bones operation and start making a difference in people’s lives.”- Lori Hammond

  • Why Lori decided to open an online hypnosis practice
  • Building client-confidence in technology and building rapport over Zoom
  • Conducting group online hypnosis sessions
  • The equipment you need to get started
  • Tips your clients need to know to set up their camera and phone
  • The increase in business due to the Coronavirus
  • The rewards of creating resources to help your audience
  • The inductions and approaches that are ideal for online sessions
  • Recording sessions on Zoom to create a post-session client resource

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