Kelley T. Woods joins me today to share how she is working with children online. She reveals how to prime parents and ensure children are engaged, as well as tips on subtleties such as seating positions and camera set up. Kelley shares how you can harness a child’s imagination and creativity through online tools such as chat and Zoom’s whiteboard option. She also shares how to create hypnotic wow and have fun as well as the hypnosis techniques that are effective with children.

Kelley is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, pediatric hypnotist and the owner of Woods Hypnosis , where since 2002, she has been helping people with pain control, athletic performance, and weight loss. She is the author of Pediatric Pain Relief: Help Your Child Feel Better with Mindful Hypnosis . Kelley is the 2017Recipient of Excellence in Literature, receiving the Pen & Quill Award from the International Medical andDental Hypnosis Association for Integrative Hypnosis for Kids and Teens: Playing for Change, with coauthor Melissa Tiers. Kelley is also a hypnosis coach and is scheduled to present at numerous events throughout 2020.

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“Allowing enough time for a child to process an idea or question – giving pause andspace – lets them find the right frame for themselves..”- Kelley T. Woods

  • The opportunities to help children in an online format
  • Helping children with anxiety, sleep difficulties, and boredom
  • Priming parents for online sessions and ensuring their children are ready to engage
  • Camera placement, seating positions, and removing distractions
  • Harnessing children’s imagination and understanding of hypnosis
  • Tips for getting children to talk
  • Utilizing a child’s creativity with Zoom’s whiteboard
  • Using chat to unlock communication with children who are not very verbal
  • Techniques that are fun and work well with children
  • Kelley’s Power Word process and Rainbow Gifts for Kids

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