Rob De Groof is the owner of Hypnosis Center Belgium and the European Hypnosis Academy. He is also the founder of The Mentalist The Hypnotist, where he travels the world to lecture and teach others about mentalism and hypnosis. Working from Belgium, Netherlands, Rob uses hypnosis to help people online via interactive video. He is an international hypnosis trainer, a Certified Direct Hypnosis Trainer, and a member of the International Order of Master Hypnotists. Rob is also a hypnotizer at Showhypnose.be and a certified hypnotist at Hypnosecentrum.be.

Rob joins me today to share how to adapt and modify your tactics for online hypnosis during the virus crisis and social distancing regulations. He reveals how to prepare and condition the client and yourself for better experiences online. He discusses replacing physical techniques that include tapping and touching and how to create a suggestion to bring clients out of hypnosis if the call drops out or the connection is lost. Rob also shares why you should keep your communication channels open and active during the coronavirus outbreak, for the benefit of clients and for the continuation of your hypnosis business.

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“ There are no best inductions; you always have to find something suitable for the situation, for the client, and yourself.”- Rob De Groof

  • Preparing your clients for a good online session at home
  • Developing trust in online platforms
  • Modify your process to replace physical techniques such as touching and tapping
  • Using a suggestion to prepare for dropped calls
  • Rob’s ‘loss of connection’ suggestion
  • Preparing a home space for online work
  • Why it is vital to keep communication open, and modify but continue offering your services

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