Podcast Session #265 – Rob De Groof Goes Online


Rob De Groof is the owner of Hypnosis Center Belgium and the European Hypnosis Academy. He is also the founder of The Mentalist The Hypnotist, where he travels the world to lecture and teach others about mentalism and hypnosis. Working from Belgium, Netherlands, Rob uses hypnosis to help people online via interactive video. He is an international hypnosis trainer, a Certified Direct Hypnosis Trainer, and a member of the International Order of Master Hypnotists. Rob is also a hypnotizer at Showhypnose.be and a certified hypnotist at Hypnosecentrum.be.

Rob joins me today to share how to adapt and modify your tactics for online hypnosis during the virus crisis and social distancing regulations. He reveals how to prepare and condition the client and yourself for better experiences online. He discusses replacing physical techniques that include tapping and touching and how to create a suggestion to bring clients out of hypnosis if the call drops out or the connection is lost. Rob also shares why you should keep your communication channels open and active during the coronavirus outbreak, for the benefit of clients and for the continuation of your hypnosis business.

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“ There are no best inductions; you always have to find something suitable for the situation, for the client, and yourself.”- Rob De Groof

  • Preparing your clients for a good online session at home
  • Developing trust in online platforms
  • Modify your process to replace physical techniques such as touching and tapping
  • Using a suggestion to prepare for dropped calls
  • Rob’s ‘loss of connection’ suggestion
  • Preparing a home space for online work
  • Why it is vital to keep communication open, and modify but continue offering your services

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This is the Work Smart Hypnosis Podcast, session number 265. Rob Dro goes online. Welcome to the Work Smart Hypnosis podcast with Jason Lynette, your professional resource for hypnosis training and outstanding business success. Here’s your host, Jason Lynette. Let’s take this international party over to the Netherlands.

Hey, it’s Jason Ette and excited to have Robed a groove back on the program in this special series where we’re highlighting the work of people who have been. Online and live and interactive video conference for a number of years, and Rob is over in Belgium over in the Netherlands, and I reached out to Rob because he put up an interesting video, which will share this in the show notes [email protected], talking about how the Netherlands is a very small community and how the aspects of working interactively online.

Is something that’s a bit new over there, but also kind of noticing the trend of exactly how people are now. Of course, warming up to the idea how he has a wife from Bulgaria and she’s often communicating with family through online video conference as well. And just kind of this going marketing trend right now where people are kind of shifting over and realizing this is just as viable.

And in this conversation you’re gonna hear Rob and I go into a dialogue about how basically, It becomes an extension of your pre-talk. How do you deal with the situation? If the call may drop out? How do you modify some of the specific tactics that you use and how do you better condition not only the client, but even yourself to have a much more successful experience?

And I chair in this dialogue too. We talk about the ongoing nature of training that I tell the story that it’s like seven years ago I was launching a digital course and I was at a conference selling a product with an empty table when everyone else had a stack of DVDs. Nowadays, Rob and I decided to trade our programs to each other rather than give each other money and a few clicks and.

You know, release the cracking of all things, all of our education. So again, this place where a trend is shifting, innovation is moving forward, especially now in a time where people can definitely benefit from the skills of professional hypnosis. So be sure to check out the show notes of this [email protected]

Because there’s a couple of videos that Rob has put up recently that will get permission to add those here as well, for you to check out and while you’re there to check out work smart hypnosis.com/now online to go to that page, which no punctuation, no space in the middle, just. Forward slash now online.

That’ll redirect over to episode 260, which is where I did the first episode to kind of kick off this coronavirus response series. And on that page, there are several step by step technical tutorials to show you how to use some of these video conferencing platforms. There’s a bit of a shopping guide in terms of what technologies and what resources I’m happy to endorse and recommend.

There’s a listing of upcoming live Interac. Online training events to use this as a time to further your skills and advance your education in terms of helping your clients. And that’s kind of our hub where we keep adding more content of exactly how to be out there helping clients, even though we might not necessarily be able to be in the exact same room.

So check that out. Work smart hypnosis.com/now online. So with that, let’s jump into this content pack session. Here we go. Episode number 265. Rob Dro goes online. Hey Rob. So I invited you to be on here during this special series cuz I know you’ve got an interesting take on this being in, uh, Europe in terms of how we modify our hypnosis process.

But for those of you that, uh, are new to Rob, Rob, could you briefly introduce yourself? Okay, so I’m, uh, Rob, uh, the growth from, uh, Belgium. Uh, I’m the owner of the Hypnosis Center in Belgium. Uh, I work here with, uh, seven therapists in, uh, three different cities and I’m also the owner of the European Hypnosis Academy at the moment.

Um, I’m traveling, um, the world, not at the moment, of course, but that’s, uh, what’s, uh, what was on my schedule, uh, traveling and, uh, teaching a lot in, uh, Belgium as well. I don’t do that much sessions anymore, as I did in. Past, I still do sessions, but not like, uh, five a day, five days a week anymore because I’m more concentrated on running the business and, uh, doing the, the trainings and the travel.

Yeah. Which I love that as an intro to this, that the further we get into our career, I began doing like upwards of 35 to 45 sessions a week. And I, I called it out in my early years going, Hey, I’m young at this. I can burn out now. Um, and I’d say that’s probably where I built a lot of my skill when nowadays, Even as a lot of the work has pivoted online, keeping it to be about maybe, you know, 10 to 15, sometimes just 12 or so appointments a week.

Because as I say, running clearly doing hypnosis sessions is not the only hypnosis thing that I do, and you fit into that category as well. And for those that want to go back, episode number 167 of this series will link to it in the show notes. Uh, that came out in June of 2018, was when Rob was first on the program.

So, We’re talking about online hypnosis and some of the modifications that are being made as the whole virus pandemic is going on. And Rob, do you have some thoughts you can kind of share to kind of, uh, kick us into this dialogue? Yeah. So, um, of course the, the, the time is, uh, making us, uh, changing our business to the, to online, um, here in Belgium, it it’s not that, um, that easy because, um, my, my therapist, I was still in Australia when everything happened and, uh, I asked my therapist to, uh, start calling the clients, uh, because here in Belgium, the.

Date was, uh, the 3rd of April, uh, that we couldn’t, uh, do sessions one to one, and now it’s al already the fifth, and it’ll be prolonged, of course. Uh, so I asked my therapist to start calling the clients who had a, a session, uh, scheduled, uh, during that. Period. And, uh, only like maybe 2% of our clients were happy to do an online session.

Most of them said, Okay, no worries. We will do it, uh, after three, uh, of April. Uh, simply because of the fact that here in Belgium, people are not that used to, um, do conversations online. Of course, they. Getting used to it now because, uh, you see these things on, on television now that, uh, people, uh, have to, um, do video calls with their, uh, grandparents who are in a retirement homes who are totally closed for visitors and things like that.

So they start getting used to it, but still for, um, a hypnosis session. They are like, Oh, no, no, no. I want to, I want to see you one to one. And I think it’s, it’s a bit of the culture because everything is closed by here in Belgium. You can only like drive two hours and then you, you leave the country.

Mm-hmm. . So everybody, uh, lives close by. They, they go and visit each other and they don’t do that much online sessions. I see the difference because I’m married to, um, somebody from Bulgaria. My wife is from Bulgaria, and her mother lives, uh, still in Bulgaria. So they are, uh, video chatting all the time. So they have that culture because.

All of Bulgarian are, are living all around the world, and, uh, they are used to it. So that’s, um, that’s a different, uh, approach. There’s something to highlight, and this is a conversation that we haven’t yet done in this series, which is that sometimes in business you have to sell the platform before you can actually sell the product.

And what I mean by this is I go back to a timeframe where I had just launched my online courses and I was at a hypnosis convention when everyone else had a big stack of DVDs on their table and I had an empty table. And quite honestly, this was like 2013. My goal of that event was empty table highest sales

That I was not delivering anything tangible when nowadays I, I think to Rob when you and I, I think it was like two years ago that you came over. And you said to me, it’s like, Oh, I wanna pick up your business program. And I responded, Oh good. I wanna pick up all of your stuff too. Let’s just trade . Yeah.

Right. Where the, the idea of, you know, simply clicking a few buttons and suddenly we had unleashed the crack in of all of our information to each other. Um, that was something we didn’t have as knowledge 20 years ago. And now that’s a conversation we can easily have. So let’s go back to that. You said you only had a small percentage drop off.

Uh, no, the, the, most of the people ask to do the session after the so re schedule after the third. Okay. Of, uh, so only like two or 3% of, uh, the people wanted to do an online session. So my, well, my, uh, I had a team meeting, an online team meeting with my, uh, seven therapist, uh, yesterday. And I decided to, um, Create a video where I will explain how an online session is, uh, going on, how they have to install themselves, uh, at home because, uh, I did, uh, a lot of, uh, online sessions already in the past with, with, uh, people who live, uh, broad, uh, Belgium people or Dutch people, but also people, uh, English, uh, speakers from all around the world.

And a lot of the times, uh, you see they start a session and then you see they have the, the, the laptop on their niece and. Say, No, I, I want you to put a laptop on a table so that it’s stable, so that it can’t fall when you, you, you never know how they’re gonna react in, in the hyp. Or that are still like children, uh, running around, uh, or animals running around and things like that.

So I think, um, a good idea is, and that that’s something I’m, I’m going to do the, the next day is to create a video wherein I explain and, and, uh, show them how they, they have to prepare for a good online session at their home. So they have to go and sit in a, in a room where nobody will disturb them, uh, how they have to install their.

Tablet or their, their phone or their, uh, laptop so that it’s, uh, good and stable so that, that people, um, see that it, it’s, it’s actually something that, that’s actually for me, an online session is exactly the same as a one to one session. Yes. And it works. It works, uh, sometimes even better. And, uh, because they’re at their own home, they’re at ease and.

But people have to, um, get, uh, informed, uh, about, uh, the, the way that we, we are going to work the next few months. Um, I think because I, here in Belgium, they are still holding to the 5th of April, but I’m quite sure it’ll be some in, in the Netherlands. They, uh, decided, uh, tonight that, uh, all events, uh, will be, uh, canceled until the 1st of June.

Mm-hmm. . So I think we, we are going to follow, we are so close by, so. Right, And I, I think there is, at least, you know, it’s a different situation and I hate to give this as an example, that you know, someone in your family or maybe even you go through something very specific and medical and it be kind of rude of someone to go, Well no, that doesn’t work for me.

We’re kind of all in this together. You, I had to explain to my kids that. Uh, we’re launching this one, uh, we’re recording in the middle of March. This is actually launching on April 9th. Uh, happy birthday, Max. This is seventh birthday as this comes out in the future. Uh, but having to explain to my kids is like, we’ve never been through this before, and you and I were chatting before we jumped in that I was communicating with people for a class that was in April, that we just moved over to July.

In already opening up the dialogue, but still this is remaining optimistic. I, I want to go back to exactly what you just talked about though, which I think this is the solution, and this is really kind of what we’ve done with hypnosis ever since many of us got into this, that we are setting that frame and then inviting someone into it.

So you’re talking about, uh, doing an educational resource for your staff so they now know how to do these sessions. Uh, No, no, It’s more, uh, for the clients. Oh, beautiful. Yeah. Even better. Yeah. I really wanted to make a video that the clients can see how they have to install, uh, at home. That, that they already, so that the moment that the, my, one of my therapists, uh, comes online and, and, and, uh, uh, that they don’t have to tell the client anymore, Oh no, maybe you have to put your laptop like this, or you.

To put your phone like this so I have a better view. So if the clients are already, uh, prepared, uh, educated how they have to prepare themselves to have a good session, then I think there will also be, be more trust in, in, in whatever is going on. So, because I think one of the, the problems at the moment that I think.

There are two things, uh, playing here in Belgium. Uh, the first thing is they’re not used to, to using, uh, these platforms, especially not for, for therapeutic interventions. Uh, and the second is of course, the fact that there, there was the date, uh, the 3rd of April. Now it’s the 5th of April, so it was, was still, uh, very close by and they said, Okay, let’s just, uh, Postpone it, and then we will do the session later.

But I think the moment our government will, uh, announce that the dates, um, will be much later, uh, in the future, that everything will go back to normal, then people will, uh, understand that they, they, yeah, they have to do something, uh, alternative if they want, uh, a good session. So, So we, we actually, we, we, the, the, the law says that we can still do sessions, but then it has to be, uh, an urgent se session.

So somebody was, was in a, in a program for depression or something and really needs you. Then you. We are still allowed to do a one, uh, one on one session. But of course, most of the clients, uh, don’t want to to travel, uh, and don’t want to take the risk. So they, they eventually, they will go to, to that, uh, they will opt in for, uh, an online session, but then I want, uh, also to be prepared and, and give them a good, uh, a video so that they can be prepared to do a good session.

Yeah. What. What’s great about what you just said there is how, if we look at the nature of, again, the standard process of hypnosis, that we very often do a pre-talk, which sets the foundation of here’s what is gonna happen, here’s what’s not gonna happen. And to look at any modifications we might be making right now is just simply an extension to that.

Uh, this is why by the time this episode launches, I’m recording the videos tomorrow. Um, I’m replacing some of the videos on the Virginia Hypnosis. Because to have a video up right now talking about when you come into the office, when you’re sitting in one of these chairs is a little incongruent and Yep, of course, I’m purposefully not gonna do the full production value that’s on some of the other videos on the page because they’re gonna be shot in front of my computer.

I may do the second camera take as I did, uh, where it kind of shows the setup of what I’m looking at. And again, just treat it as this is how, as much as we bring an attitude of normalcy to it as much as possible really is what presents to the client. Okay, this is just how we do it. Yeah, that, that’s one of the things that I said to my, uh, my staff, uh, yesterday as well.

Uh, we already have this, uh, because I don’t like to do pre-talk, uh, in the therapy room. Uh, like a few years ago, I recorded, uh, a pre-talk video. So they get a, uh, they just receive it the moment, uh, they make an appointment so they can watch it at home and they get all the information. And that’s what I, um, uh, I gave as an example to my, uh, my staff, my, my therapy staff.

I said, Let’s make another video, uh, in the same, um, style as we, we do as I recorded the pre-talk video, uh, wherein we explain what is a good online session, how they can prepare themselves, and of course, um, yeah. In, in also in my pre-talk session is, uh, yeah, when you have still questions, the moment you arrive in the hypnosis center, you can ask all the questions.

Of course they’re not gonna arrive in hypnosis under anymore for a few months. So, uh, yeah, we should, uh, adapt, uh, all those things a bit to, to make it, uh, of course congruent with, with, with what is going. Yeah, and I think in the long term we’re gonna come back to a, you know, state of new normal, yet there’s gonna be some innovation that comes out of this that now it proves even more greater viability is, this is a process.

You said something earlier I wanna go back to, which was that from your perspective, the session online is the same as the session in person. Can you expand on some thoughts on. My, my sessions are, are always really short and, uh, and powerful. Um, and I, I can do the same, uh, online. I had this client in, um, it was actually an Italian guy who lived in, in Switzerland, and he was doing, uh, he was booking online sessions with me all the time, and he never had, uh, an issue to solve.

So he, he just wanted to experience hypnosis, but of course, Yeah, he, he wanted to really like, uh, normally I do a session, It’s like 10, 15 minutes, uh, when I have to, to solve a problem. But here, there was no problem. He just wanted to, um, has, uh, to experience as much hypnosis for, for his money. So one day I, um, because.

I work in touch, uh, of course all the time. So whenever I have an English speaking client for me, it’s a very good practice because, uh, at that time I was still preparing myself to start traveling and then also go to conventions. But of course at in conventions, I want to do demonstrations, but I want to do demonstrations in English because that’s the, the, the language at those conventions.

But I. Most of the time I, uh, do sessions in Dutch. So I really want to get used to do my demonstrations in English as well. So this Italian guy was, was actually, uh, yeah, he paid me to, to, to practice my, uh, my English, uh, demonstrations with him. And there was this, this, uh, One, uh, appointment that he made and he said, Yeah, I really want to go really deep and experience a lot of things.

And, uh, so I actually did my entire hypnosis show with that guy on online. Yes. I, I also, So every, every bit of music that I use, that I use in my hypnosis show, I sent Drew, uh, to his, to his, um, aunt. So everything was there. Uh, the music was there, all the suggestions were there. And he was doing all the skits in his, uh, in his apartment.

Uh, He really loved it. And, and for me that was, was a very good, uh, exercise to do all those things, uh, in English and also to, to use the, the, the musics and the end and see all the, the reactions. Uh, so that was really great. And, um, I, I also experienced when I, when I do, um, really therapeutic sessions, uh, and especially, um, Every single session I did online, uh, I always install, um, the swan.

I I really love to work, uh, with the swan and then also with the, with yes and no signals every time. I had a feeling that, that, like, that the subconscious mind really understand that there was a distance between us. That there was only, uh, the screen that I, that I had to work with. And every time the, the yes and no signals were.

Extremely big. It was really movements of the hand. So, uh, so it was really easy for me to, uh, to, to understand what was going on. So, uh, that’s something that I experienced a lot when doing online session. So for me it’s, it’s, it’s as, uh, powerful as a, a one to one session. Of course, when you are, uh, this therapist that use a lot of, uh, touching or, or you, you combine your hypnosis sessions, uh, with.

Tapping or, or other techniques where you really need that physical contact. Then there, there are some limitations, of course, but most of the time, I, I, all the techniques that I use in my therapy room, I can use them online as well. Well, I think the, the question often comes to, instead of being, what can’t I use instead, What can I use instead?

So, I mean, the simplest example is that if a Dave Velman, uh, this is a conversation that keeps popping up the Dave Velman, uh, F Flo, the arm drop inside of the process. We could just have the client lift their arm up and let it plop down themselves. Um, I use something that I picked up from Ken Gso years ago about using some of the muscle testing as an instant feedback mechanism, um, and looking at him to go, Okay, well I can’t reach through the camera lens and do that, but what’s another bit of hypnotic phenomenon that I can do that has a kinesthetic result?

Right away. So it’s actually driving many of us to become more creative inside of what we do. And I think the better thinking is that, you know, rather than what can’t we do instead? What can we. Yeah, of course. It, it’s, uh, those, those things will, uh, make you more creative, Will, will give you new ideas to do, uh, stuff.

I was, uh, last week I was teaching at, uh, hypno based Australia, my first and powerful induction and training and, and of course always there is the question which, which is the best, the best induction or, uh, what is the, the. Go to induction. Uh, and I explain always when I do trainings, um, about inductions or when I do in my, my, uh, seven day training, I talk about inductions.

There is no best inductions. You always have to found, uh, find something that is suitable for the situation, for the client and for yourself. So, With, When I do a one to one client, most of the time I use my, uh, a hand drop induction or the eight word induction. Mm-hmm. , uh, or my brand new Robs flip drop induction.

Uh, but I can’t do that online because they’re of course that that’s not working online. So online, I, I, most of the time go to an ILO induction. So there is, there is an induction, there is a technique, there is a deepener, there is, everything is available for every situation. So that, that’s, uh, uh, also online, uh, if you want to do some tests, if you want to do some phenomena, you can do everything.

Uh, I did an entire there a show with that guy. So . Yeah. So then, then you can do tests. That’s, uh, that’s for sure. Well, this is, this is a conversation, which I love how a lot of the folks that I’m inviting on during this series, Are bringing up some of the same themes that, um, I was talking with someone last week, Carrie, who’s in, uh, Perth in Australia, and he brought up the fact that there is a small time delay sometimes with these technologies, which the solution simply becomes what we often would end up doing in a remote session anyway, Become a little bit more demonstrative with your language.

A little bit more specific with your instructions. See that we have that compliance in motion. Do, do you have some tips? Let’s say for the actual practitioner in terms of how they can better approach the technology side of things and just make it a better experience for their client. In the past, I, I was using, uh, Skype and, uh, I, I encountered sometimes some problems with Skype.

There were, there were some sessions that, uh, for me, I, I decided not to go through because most of the fact it was at the end of the client so that they didn’t have like decent, uh, internet connection. I, I’m speaking years, Years ago now. Yeah, the last. Few, uh, years even when, when I start using Zoom, I didn’t have that, uh, that issue anymore.

Um, of course more and more clients have decent, uh, decent internet. Um, but I, like yesterday I was talking with somebody I met, uh, in Australia, somebody from New Zealand, and, uh, she said, uh, yeah, I’m, I’m doing sessions with my client now, but I have to go to my. Driveway to the end of my driveway, and I sit in my car and that’s the best way I, I have internet because we don’t have , really good internet.

Uh, so, but you can have a client that has that, that, that same problem. Uh, so what I always do, um, before I start a session, I, I, of course, I have a conversation with the, the client and then I, I pay really attention to, uh, whatever is going on in the, in the live stream. And if there is, uh, any delay, if there, uh, if there are like, uh, jumpy images or.

Frozen images and if, if the, if it’s not good, then uh, I’m probably not gonna gonna go on with the session. I really want to have a clear view and a, and a good, Of course, I always give the seconds after I do my induction and then, and. Uh, a few deepeners, uh, then I, I gave, uh, I will give the suggestion that the moment they, they can’t hear me anymore or they can’t see me anymore, or there is, uh, a lost of connection that they just pop out of hypnosis and, and try to get in contact with me.

So I really want that. Everything is, is, is really safe to, to give an example that that Italian guy, uh, of course the more sessions we did, the more, um, The response that we get for hypno. So he, he became a really, uh, super, super, super sum number list. So I, we never had that problem, but I’m quite sure that the, the moment there, there was a loss of connection.

He was not. He was popping out of hypnosis because of the fact that I installed it. But I’m quite sure that if, if it was not installed with him, he might stay in hypnosis for a few hours because he was like, Yeah, he was really enjoying, he was getting addicted to it. Uh, so that was, was Well, you know, Let’s get specific on that.

What are you doing to install that? Uh, Strategy if the connection drops out. So the, the thing that the, the moment, uh, after my induction and I, I do a, yeah, like I see, just save a few times deeper, deeper. And then I say, uh, from now on, every time, uh, you, um, You don’t hear me anymore, uh, or you, uh, if there is the connection is lost, then you will open your eyes, you will be back in the room.

You will be, uh, totally alert and you will get to try in, in touch with me as soon as possible. Yeah. Okay. So you’re doing that in the process is when you’re saying Yeah. Yeah, I do. I do it right away. So, so that it’s, that it’s installed because you never know. There, there might be an electricity, uh, failure or internet failure or, Or at my end or at their end.

It can happen. So, so many things can happen and I, I just want to be clear that, that they, they will pop out and, uh, and, and get in touch with me, so, So that, that, that, that security is, is, is there. And that’s also what I teach in my, in my trainings. Uh, at the end of my seven day training, I talk about doing sessions online, although most of my students never use it.

They will use it now. But, uh, I already, um, Uh, tomorrow at 11, I will do, um, a webinar with, uh, only for my students here in Belgium to explain, again, all those things about doing sessions online, because most of them never did a session because of the fact that we don’t have, uh, a demand here in Belgium. Uh, I love that aspect of, again, the flexible nature of where we can put it.

That, and it’s the same as any disclaimer. We put it into the process that, you know, the stage hypnotist may sometimes use the phrasing of, um, you know, only ever head back to the audience if I direct you to do that. Um, you know, a lot of people, I know Mark Zar tells the story in his show of the guy who walked back to the audience and was still doing all the routines, um, because the subjective experience was not what the guy expected it to be.

Um, I, I b I bounce back and forth. Sometimes I will do it during the process. Uh, more recently I’ve just been kind of letting it be a throwaway moment and just, you know, very obviously that. If for some reason the connection drops out clearly, you’ll immediately know that and just easily reestablish the connection and we’ll pick up exactly where we left off.

Makes sense. Well, and, and just let it kind of be this throwaway thing of just, that’s just the most obvious thing that we would do. And just treating it that, with that attitude, you put up a, a video online. Is it okay if we add that to the show notes, which I’ve gotta have you chat about the, uh, the, the thing about the cat.

Yeah. Uh, how’s that? No. One, one of the, one of the things that I, uh, wanted to, um, to give us advice to everybody because I can assume that people are, are now in like, in a rush to do, uh, things like this and say, Okay, we have to go online now and, and we never did it before, and it just put my lap. Some people just can’t drive to their office because, uh, or they, they don’t, uh, Like, like my, my therapist, they, they work at my offices of course, but everything is closed.

So they, they have to do the sessions from their home. Mm-hmm. . And I can imagine that a lot of, uh, therapists out there, uh, have the same problem, so they’re not allowed to drive to their office. So they have to do it at home, but of course, uh, because of the fact that everybody has to stay home also the children are there and, and there is maybe other people walking around.

And so my advice was, um, be sure that it is. The session online is as professional as you do the session in your therapy room. So, uh, maybe clear out the room in your house that you can, uh, sit, that you are at ease, that nobody is entering that room, that they’re the moment. Of course, the moment when somebody is hypnotized, their eyes are closed and they’re not gonna see that.

Uh, the model is, uh, at your back, walking through, uh, the image. But, um, uh, that’s not what you want, of course. Um, so just imagine, uh, you are, uh, doing your pre-talk or you’re just discussing what the problem is and what, what the call is for your client. And, uh, yeah, your cat is, uh, is, is in the same room and it jumps, uh, on your laptop and it starts, uh, pushing with the, with their heads against you.

And then you have to, to, uh, say, to, to get the, that she has to go away. It’s not professional, of course, and I, I can imagine especially when, when the. Few sessions that people are doing, they just don’t think about that. Yeah, they just put up a, a laptop and they say, Okay, uh, I have to see this client because, uh, it was scheduled and they just do it.

And all those things might happen and that doesn’t give a, a good professional look. Uh, so I think it’s really important that everybody. Thinks about the way that they’re going to, to act and that they just, uh, prepare their theirselves, uh, in a good way that they have a, a room where they can do it, where they will not be disturbed.

It’s, it’s the same for, for the therapist as for the client, of course. And then they can, then they can do a good professional session with the same good results as if it was a session, uh, one to one in, in the therapy room. You know, it’s where, along the way there’ll be those moments where certain things pop up.

You haven’t. Troubleshoot. You haven’t yet figured out what will happen in that situation. There’s a, there’s a catch phrase that comes out of my life trainings, which is that, let’s look at a technique, like a hand drop instant induction, which there’s a bit of choreography to that. You know, there’s a bit of exactly.

The hand goes here, this hand goes there, here’s the interaction, here’s the safety of it. And if someone gets the steps wrong, they suddenly find themselves. In a position that’s just not comfortable. Yeah. Um, and, and the, the beauty of that becomes, at least in the training environment, is to go, you know, what’s great about that?

You will never make that mistake ever again, . Yeah, of course. So the moment the cats, you know, jumping up and of course sometimes by doing something wrong, uh, I had it when I was, uh, creating my, uh, fast and powerful induction, uh, online training. Uh, I was rehearsing, uh, 22 inductions because of course, I, I don’t do those 22 inductions on a daily basis.

Yeah. I, I do like five of them I use on a daily basis. So I, I really wanted to be prepared. The moment that the volunteers, we, we, we had a, a call out for volunteers because I really want just to have people from outside, uh, to do be the subject on the, on the video. So I was just, uh, with, with one of, um, Uh, one of my staff at that time, uh, rehearsing those inductions, and all of a sudden I was thinking about, ah, that was not exactly the way that it, it it’s supposed to.

But, and, and then I, I rewatched, uh, a video of of, of, uh, my mentor Jeffrey Stevens doing that induction. I said, Hmm, I’m doing it wrong, but actually, I’m doing it better . So I did something totally wrong and it, it, it’s that way that I came up with a, with a Rob’s flip flop induction, but at that time I was not sure, maybe I saw it somewhere else.

So I sent, uh, a video, uh, a recording of that, uh, rehearsal to show Michael Andrews and I said, Hey Sean, uh, I did this and I’m not sure that, uh, I think I. Created it myself by doing something wrong with the other induction. Uh, but yeah, you know, a lot of those inductions, I’m, I just wanted to be sure that I didn’t unintentionally stole the ID from somebody.

Yeah. And I never saw it before, he said, but I really love it. And so I’ve got, I’ve got the opposite of that with Sean, which is that he and I taught a class together that we now have as a product master hypnotist course, and is March, 2017. And I did my original. You know, full on hypnosis certification with him.

And I intro to technique by saying, Here’s something that I learned from you back in like 2007. And he then goes, I’ve never seen that before. Which then of course became the moment of, well, here’s a Jason Tta original . No, it’s that, it is that innovation that we, we will make do with what we’ve got the same as.

A client will hit some specific epiphany and you’ll try to reverse engineer. How do I make this happen more consistently? You, you brought up stage hypnosis and in one of my early shows, this is now a 12 year old story at this point that. I did the classic, you know, it’s getting cold, grab onto the person next to you and they help you warm up even further.

And one time I threw in the phrase and the person on the other side is even warmer, grab a hold of them too. And I didn’t expect it that the big guy on the end of the row suddenly grabbed me. And it was the biggest laugh of the night. I completely lost it and took me a few moments to reclaim composure , and it was the thing that everyone talked about.

You know what’s funny about that rap though, The other 300 or so shows I did after that one. Can you believe the luck? Every single time the big guy in the end of the row always grabbed me, , and always I lost composure and it was the fun. Yeah. I figured out a way to make it happen on purpose. . Yeah, of course, of course.

Yeah. Yeah. That’s the thing that, uh, a lot of people, uh, don’t get when they go to like, uh, a comedian or something and they, uh, they just think, Oh, the comedian is erecting to something that’s, that’s going on. Actually when you go the day later or the day before, he was reacting at the same kind of thing, it, it just, uh, makes sure that this is going to happen.

And then if he is a good actor, he is a good comedian, then it looks like it just only happened that night. And that’s, that’s something that’s really, really nice. And, um, most of the, the also, uh, before when I did my other shows, like clown shows and, and, and magic shows, I always adapted to my shows to things.

That just happened during the show and that were really good. And then, yeah, you find a way so that it will happen the next time, uh, as well, And that that’s how good, uh, skids or good jokes, uh, comes alive, of course, by, by some things that, or are going wrong or are, are not going as you, uh, expected. Yeah.

And I, I’d highlight something back to what you said that really the same as everything we’ve talked about, about how to modify your process, how to treat it as being absolutely normal. Cuz it is, it’s how a lot of us have been doing sessions for years. Uh, I would highlight that, uh, today’s a day that I was recording four of these.

Uh, but now it’s three. Because as of yesterday in the United Kingdom, they issued a stay at home order, uh, which changes it up. Uh, because like right now, at least as of today as I’m recording, uh, it was the governor of Virginia that put out the big release yesterday that. The school year is now canceled the rest of the school year, and they’re still deciding exactly what that means.

Um, defining what are, uh, essential businesses and non-essential businesses. I love the conversations that liquor stores in marijuana dispensaries are still considered essential. Um, but this does throw in and it lists things like, you know, the exceptions of, uh, how, you know, home supply stores could modify how pet food stores and grocery stores could modify, but at least in terms of the Virginia Press release, I’ll read it here.

Any brick and mortar retail business not listed above may continue to operate, but limit all in person shopping to more. No more than 10 patrons per establishment if any such business cannot adhere to the 10 patron limit with proper social distancing requirements. It must close. Uh, I, I can read that and I could say, at least in terms of Virginia hypnosis, it’s just me and one client.

That being said, I’m kind of leaning more on the side of risk management to go. I don’t want to be the guy who has to call someone up and say, Hey, I’ve been diagnosed. You need to get to a hospital. Yeah. Um, so I’m just, I’ve moved everything online during this timeframe, and at least as of now, based on that phrasing, I’m allowed to drive.

My office is three miles from home. I come to my office this way here. I, I love my kids, but it’s a little quieter here, . Um, and I’ve got more control over that. But that being said, Michelle and I, my wife, we’ve already discussed, if there is a stay at home order, here’s how we can modify. Where I would just set up, shop in a bedroom and, you know, just be mindful of the hours.

So there’s, there’s where there’s a, where’s where there’s a will, there’s a way where there’s some creativity. We can make this. Yeah, of course. There’s always, uh, a way to, to, to keep the, the, the business going of course, and, and, and to find solutions. And, uh, uh, here in Belgium, we still can drive to a work.

So I, I drive to my office, uh, also to, to have some quiet and to work over there. And, uh, like tomorrow, uh, when I do that online thing with my students, I will be at my office. Uh, but of course, the moment I. We can’t do that anymore, like in France, uh, for example, or, or like Italy. Yeah. Then we, uh, have to find another solution and then, then, yeah, I will, uh, find a way.

I don’t have kids, so, uh, so nobody, uh, except for my wife can, uh, disturb me when I’m doing specials here. But she’s, our house is big enough. So weekend, that weekend, uh, be, uh, uh, far enough. Away from each other. So they can’t, uh, distract me when I do like an online session or something. But of course there, there is always, there’s always a solution.

Right. And before we wrap it up here, any tips, any advice in terms of, uh, business as usual, having those inquiries coming in and still being available? Cause clearly this is a time where people are stressed. This is a time where people are anxious. I keep coming back to Frank Kern in the marketing world, who put out something to his audiences going, You.

Continue to run your business during this. Just don’t be the person who runs your business because of this. So what, what advice do you have for people in terms of getting out there and still having those new inquiries coming? Well, the thing is, I think, uh, it’s really important that you stay, uh, in the picture.

Of course. So don’t go like, uh, yeah, probably, uh, the next three months I can’t see clients. Uh, so I’m, I’m going offline and I’m not, uh, put myself out there anymore. So, Keep doing that, of course. Just to, to be consistent. And then one of the other things, uh, the, the one thing that I didn’t stop at the moment is my, my telephone service.

So, uh, the moment the client, uh, calls our office, there will be somebody picking up the phone. It’s, it’s, uh, an an outsource, uh, service that that does it. But I didn’t stop that contract because I really want that. Everybody can, can reach us. Of course, there are less, uh, phone calls now, uh, because people are, Uh, other stuff, but, uh, yeah, uh, between eight and uh, six, uh, in the evening, our phone will be answered, and I think that’s, that’s really important.

Yeah. So even if you don’t have like a service like that, ju just don’t say, Okay. I, I will, uh, uh, let them go through voicemail. Be there for your clients. Uh, especially because they have questions, uh, at, at our place. It’s of course the, the students and the clients. Uh, but be there, uh, be be sure that, uh, that their emails are answered, that everything is, is like, It should be that it’s like normal.

And then don’t hide yourself. Uh, be sure to be out there and, and that, that’s one of the things that I’m a bit concerned about. All those, those cons, cancellations already now for like conventions and things like that. That are going in August or in September. And, and I think that’s, that’s, uh, like I can, I can imagine that they, that they decided to do the, the, the, um, European Champion football and things like that.

And then now the Olympic games, because of course athletes have to prepare and have to know, well, what’s going on. I can understand that, but I can’t understand why they are already like announcing, um, uh, conventions and then, and gatherings, like they can, they cancel it already for August and September because I think.

Maybe giving, uh, a bad signal. Um, I’m, I’m really, I’m really holding my heart for, uh, for hypno thoughts because I, uh, saw that, uh, magic life, what is actually a one week after hypno thoughts in the same venue in Vegas is canceled. Hmm. So, um, Uh, really they’ve, I think a lot of these groups have been doing at least a good job of, you know, keeping that communication open and at least being transparent as to why they’re doing what they’re doing.

And, um, actually for those, uh, this will be in time, the Hypno Expo, the big conference that the I M DHA puts on. Uh, they’ve been doing that virtual for years, uh, as an option and just that’s the one option. So, um, that’s where I’d say, you know, stay tuned to those groups the same way that you and I were chatting before we hopped on.

But I opened up a conversation with people, signed up for a class, right? Overlapping when this, uh, order was issued, just to say, Yeah. Okay. So here’s three options. What’s best for you? Uh, Rob, this was fantastic to have you on here and share some real workable insights. Where can people find you? How can they best get in touch with you?

Uh, I have, uh, of course I have, uh, Facebook so they can, uh, I I’m limited with my, uh, friend, so French request I probably can’t, uh, accept anymore. But I also have, uh, the European Hypnosis Academy Facebook page. Uh, so that’s actually the best way, uh, to, uh, follow me. Uh, I also have my, uh, Two weekly hypno advice, uh, videos.

There is a, a YouTube channel, also European Hypnosis Academy. Uh, but also when they like the European Hypnos Academy Facebook page, they will see those, uh, videos popping up. Of course. Uh, and we have our website, European Hypnosis academy.com. Uh, and there they can find, uh, the trainings that are, uh, going, uh, to be life somewhere in the world.

But I dunno when, uh, but of course, also our, uh, online trainings can be found on, uh, that website. Yeah. And I’ve got a lot of the programs that Rob has put out online, they’re phenomenal. So definitely look into those. Rob, thank you so much for coming. It was my pleasure. Jason, let out here once again, and as always, thank you so much for using this as a resource in terms of advancing this profession, leaving your reviews, sharing it on your social media streams, and again, to keep in contact with what’s going on in the industry.

The hub right now for us is [email protected] slash now. No punctuation, no spaces in the middle, just the two words pressed up against each other. Now online, that’s where you’ll find that step by step technical tutorial, a bit of a shopping list of the resources that I personally use, and then some upcoming educational events, which are happening interactively online as well.

So check that out. Again, work smart hypnosis.com/now online. I look forward to seeing you live and in person very soon. And as we’re saying this month, of course, Wash your hands. Thanks for listening to the Work Smart Hypnosis Podcast and work smart hypnosis.com.