My guest is the owner of HypnoEthics, which provides formal ethics training and consultation for hypnotherapists. My guest is also the owner and Director of the Madison Hypnosis Center, where he has been practicing hypnosis since 2002. He previously worked as a bio-ethicist and research specialist at the University of Wisconsin. My guest is a certified professional hypnotist with the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists. He holds a Master’s degree in Bioethics and Medical Ethics from the Medical College of Wisconsin and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Philosophy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

My guest joins me today to share why ethics in hypnosis are crucial and what the critiques of hypnotherapy are saying. He explains how hypnotherapists can introduce standards and best practices to elevate the profession and why we need to stay in our lane and ensure that we are qualified to deliver the techniques we use. He also highlights how to handle conversations on ethical issues such as confidentiality and consent and shares tips on how new hypnotherapists can undertake ethical planning as well as the things that they should consider.

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“ If you are not using evidence-based practices, you have no idea what the outcome will be.”- My guest

  • How language impacts consciousness
  • Why Guest is working to bring ethics and standards into hypnosis
  • The ethical gray areas that exist in hypnosis
  • Why hypnotherapists need to be careful to avoid conducting unqualified work
  • Examples of hypnotist-client conversations on medical boundaries
  • Ensuring informed consent by using evidence-based practices
  • How to handle confidentiality when working with parents and children
  • The useful confidentiality guidelines outlined in HIPAA
  • How new hypnotherapists should conduct ethical planning

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