De’Anna Nunez is a high-performance hypnotist specializing in hypnosis for optimal healthy weight. She is the founder of Wake Up Your Best, a trainer with twenty years of experience, keynote speaker,creator of the Mind Body FIT Club, and author of Mind Body F.I.T. Life. De’Anna is a certified sports performance and clinical hypnotherapist as well as a certified humanistic neuro-linguistic psychology practitioner. She believes in living an active and healthy lifestyle, and her determination has given her the strength to complete more than fifty marathons.

De’Anna joins me today to talk about the Mind Body F.I.T. Life book and how she helps her clients lose weight. She shares how she has changed her style and methods to get better results. She reveals how she encourages people to envision who they want to be and highlights the importance of creating a supportive community. De’Anna shares her weight loss formula, including uncovering the unconscious associations attached to food. She also shares why it is vital to build new behaviors and good habits once a breakthrough or insight is made.

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“ Habits plus self-belief plus self-identity equals a new change, a new behavior, and sustainability.”- De’Anna Nunez

  • Adapting your style to work with different personalities
  • How De’Anna has structured her Mind Body FIT Club membership model
  • De’Anna’s weight loss formula
  • The power of asking your clients, ‘who do you want to be?’
  • Why you should build a community that supports your clients
  • The topics explored in the Mind Body F.I.T. Life book
  • The importance of creating habits and behaviors after clients have breakthroughs
  • Uncovering the unconscious associations attached to food and emotional eating

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