Jason Tollen joins me today to share how you can utilize hypnotic accountability for your business and finances. He shares how you can grab back control of your finances, manage your money, and increase your understanding of running your business. He highlights why it is vital to adapt your business and pursue opportunities during the coronavirus pandemic. Jason also shares his thoughts on finding your niche within the scope of hypnotherapy work and why you need to recognize that you don’t need to work with every client.

Jason is the founder of Mindzai Hypnotherapy, a practice that helps people alleviate suffering and find peace, success, and meaning in their lives. Jason earned his British Hypnotherapy Certification studying Ericksonian, Human Givens, and solution-focused, brief approaches to therapies. He is a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register and the National Guild of Hypnotists. Jason is a mathematics undergraduate and previously worked as a software developer in the banking industry for two decades. He is also a musician and has seriously considered becoming a music producer on the West Coast.

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“ Spend some time and learn about business – aside from the hypnosis side of things..”- Jason Tollen

  • Making a move to finding your way in a full-time hypnotherapy career
  • Keeping your clients motivated during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Why it’s critical to move with the times and recognize that online sessions are as effective as inperson hypnosis sessions
  • Why you should use this time to pivot your business and pursue new opportunities
  • How to manage money and recognize that it is just a placeholder for social value
  • Why it is vital to learn about running your business, aside from seeing clients
  • Evolving your business to focus on the clients you know you will get 100% success with
  • The challenge of finding your niche, referring clients and why you don’t need to work with every
  • Increasing your financial acumen by taking an online course

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