Barbara C. Phillips joins me today to share how medical hypnosis can help clients with chronic pain and anxiety. She discusses the role of the hypnotist and being there as a resource to take the suffering out of pain. She reveals the strategies you can use to help clients overcome anxiety and self-esteem issues. She shares how the hypnotic process can become the induction instead of a formalized ritual for how it all fits together. Barbara also highlights why it is essential to identify your ideal clients, the clients you will work the best with, and why you should take an evidence-based approach to the work.

Barbara is the owner of Hypnosis Mind Works, where she helps chronic pain sufferers and clients with anxiety. Barbara is a nurse practitioner and became fascinated with hypnosis after getting hypnotic results as a client to overcome a phobia. Barbara’s formal training was through the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Society of Clinical Hypnosis. She is a certified hypnosis trainer with the ICBCH and holds certificates in Medical Hypnosis, Conversational Hypnotherapy, Integrative Addictions Solutions, and more. Barbara regularly speaks as an NP and leads workshops on professional development across the country.

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“Everyone needs to know a part in them is strong and can get them to their highest wisdom..”- Barbara C. Phillips

  • How pain works, the problem with chronic pain, and how hypnosis can alleviate suffering
  • The role of interpretation and the mindset of chronic pain sufferers
  • The most useful resources, such as bilateral stimulation, for working with anxiety and selfesteem issues
  • How to use your inductions as an organic transition into the hypnotic work
  • Why Barbara felt fearful about what other nurse practitioners would think about hypnosis
  • How positive suggestions can help nurse practitioners can communicate better
  • How new hypnotherapists can use evidence-based research while waiting for their first client testimonials
  • Business strategies to build awareness and find success
  • Why it is vital to find your voice and decide who you want to work with
  • How to move your hypnotherapy website up the Google rankings

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