It is crucial to use strategies to serve your clients better and help them make changes in their lives. If you give your client complicated things to do, they are more likely to end up not doing them. So, straightforward strategies are more powerful because your client is more likely to make use of them. This is where self-hypnosis comes to the fore, helping people resolve issues with a new set of suggestions and ongoing strengthening of their skillset. Self-hypnosis allows your clients to reinforce the change on their own, quickly and conveniently.

Today, I share two tips for self-hypnosis and the principles and change protocols based on self-hypnosis. I discuss how intensity, repetition, and anchoring play a part in making behavioral changes and how you can use anchoring to move focus and solve the client’s problem. I share simple strategies for building client compliance and highlight the value of creating a short eight to a ten-minute recording of the change work for your client to use for self-hypnosis and strengthening the change. I also share the pros and cons of portable voice recorders, smartphone voice recorders, and Zoom conference recording, including the options that will remove all post-production tasks, saving time and complexity.

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“The way into the problem is also the same way out of the problem.”- Jason Linett

  • The role of intensity and repetition in making change
  • How to structure a need for a technique while negating a long-term need of that technique
  • Why every client problem is an anchoring issue
  • How to use organic anchoring to shift focus and solve a problem
  • How to compound anchors for ego strengthening and empowering clients
  • How to build compliance and create a yes set
  • Why you should create custom audio programs to supplement the client’s process
  • Studio-quality portable voice recorders versus the client’s smartphone voice recorder
  • How to use Zoom conference calling to record a short self-hypnosis session

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