Where we end up in our businesses is not necessarily where we began. Building a strong, sustainable,and profitable business is a journey. There are nuances to running a business, a time to pivot and focus on your niche and a time to scale. Making the right choices at the right time can be the difference between success and failure.

Today, I answer the questions you raised following part 1 of “If I Had to Start All Over”, which placed focus on your media presence, the value first mindset of how we run our businesses, and systemizing what you do to create time to launch something new. I share the strategies you can use for developing interest through social media and reveal how you can determine if there is room for another voice in an already possible crowded environment. I share how you can test market viability and determine if your new idea is something people will want to engage with. I discuss the different ways we can interact with online communities where there are barriers on offering something for sale. I also share the Work Smart Media Triangle, which gives you three steps to ensure you become the expert through serving your audience.

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“From day one of all things in your business, work from the mindset of being the expert and not the vendor.”- Jason Linett

  • Why it is essential to determine if Facebook groups have a no-sales or limited-posting environment before posting value offers
  • The value in taking the role of the expert and not the vendor
  • What is social proof and how you can leverage offering value to find organic growth
  • The Work Smart Media Triangle and three steps to serving your audience
  • How to judge when you should start podcasting and how to determine your audience
  • Testing the market with a small offering
  • How to be the expert your client needs and get value from partnerships
  • Aligning your goals and determining if you should have a Facebook Business or Facebook Personal page

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