Anthony Serino joins me today to share how the identity factor plays a significant role in creating greater change. He shares why a top-down identity shift is essential and his interesting take on classic strategies. We also discuss the value of having a local networking audience and how to pivot beyond that local network to get a national or international footing. Anthony also shares the benefits of creating online communities and Facebook groups and highlights why you only need to be an expert, not the expert, to find business success.

Anthony is a Board Certified Hypnotist and habit modification expert, and the founder of The Anthony Serino, where he helps clients dramatically change their life, working on issues such as anxiety and weight loss. He is the host of The Identity Factor Podcast, which discusses how to break bad habits,achieve goals, eliminate fear, and find financial and business success. Anthony trained at the University of Toronto under Mike Mandel, as well as with me at Work Smart Hypnosis. He moved from tattoo removalist to hypnotist after successfully achieving weight loss through hypnosis and noticing that his
habits and behaviors had changed

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“ Beliefs and perceptions are based on who we are and the story we tell ourselves. When we can shift that, that’s when the magic happens.”- Anthony Serino

  • Why your marketing skills are as essential as your hypnosis skills
  • Selling the result through stories and metaphors
  • Transitioning to local networking through Zoom and drawing an audience through your elevator pitch
  • Changing perceptions and beliefs through hypnosis and creating a shift at the identity level
  • How to provide value through a podcast and funnel listeners towards your services
  • Conditioning your sales skills through networking groups and Facebook Live
  • Why subtle identity changes are vital and creating a new ‘who we are’
  • Why you don’t need to be the expert, just an expert that the person is talking to
  • Why hypnotherapists need to show up and ask the right questions

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