Stephanie Skiba joins me today to discuss scaling success in your business. She shares what works and what doesn’t and highlights the importance of communication, transparency, and honesty. Stephanie discusses her experiences with booking sessions remotely and the organizational structure of scaling a training or educational event to reach a global audience. She also shares her mindset of using what hasn’t worked as a brief for creating a solution and shares how the secret of building a global brand is to work from a position of giving while still earning a good living.

Stephanie is an Event Management Consultant and hypnotist wrangler, bringing hypnotists, students,and licensed mental health professionals together. She works with hypnotists and speakers to organize, manage, and create conferences, including HypnoThoughts Live. She met Richard Nongard forty years ago, helping him with his business and works with other prominent hypnotists such as David Snyder and Scott Sandland. Stephanie is also an Advisory Board Member and Corporate Secretary for ICBCH.

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“ It’s all about learning and growing and maybe doing something different.” – Stephanie Skiba

  • The role of communication in scalability
  • Open communication and working from a position of mutual respect
  • Building systems and the need for your hires to have a general knowledge of hypnosis
  • Why it is vital to be flexible and pivot your business in the current crisis
  • Refocusing your strategies and utilizing online tools to serve your audience
  • Why you shouldn’t be opportunistic and should work from a perspective of solving problems
  • Turning what doesn’t work into a brief for finding the solution
  • The value of working together as a hypnosis community
  • Why patience is vital when growing your business

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