Chris Lemig is a Self Esteem Hypnotist and the Founder of True Nature Hypnotherapy. After initial struggles with chronic depression, addiction, and alcoholism, Chris traveled to India and became an Ordained Tibetan Buddhist Monk before returning to America and starting a career in hypnotherapy. He is the author of the acclaimed book The Narrow Way: A Memoir of Coming Out, Getting Clean, and Finding Buddha. Chris has a BA equivalent in Tibetan Studies from the Esukia School of Tibetan Language and Culture.

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Chris joins me today to share how he approaches change with True Nature Hypnotherapy. He shares the philosophies that have stayed with him from being a Tibetan Buddhist Monk and the business strategies that are bringing people in. He stresses the importance of being a media company first and reveals what you can do to work with a clientele you don’t have to sell to. Chris also shares the techniques and principles behind his therapeutic work and the value of networking and becoming part of your community..

“ By uplifting others, we also uplift ourselves ” – Chris Lemig

  • The similarities between spiritual technologies, approaches, and techniques to those used in hypnotherapy
  • The condition of life and transcending suffering by helping others
  • Reframing through visualization and letting go of unfounded beliefs
  • Chris’s induction and approach to emotional transformation, therapeutic work, and Pure Motivation Parts Work
  • Why clients should use and find solutions with self-hypnosis
  • The value of networking and becoming part of the community
  • Increasing visibility through writing and providing value for others

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