As I record the last show for the Work Smart Hypnosis Podcast from an empty office in Virginia, I reflect back on how my story has unfolded. From beginning my journey as a stage hypnotist to seeing clients and opening my own practice to launching the podcast, speaking at conferences, and teaching students – my career has been filled with many successes, failures, and pivots. As I look around my former recording studio and gaze on the empty walls, bare floors, and boxes filled with common office items, I realize that, sometimes, we need to throw a wrench into the machine’s systems in order to take that next leap of evolution; to step out and challenge ourselves to change our physical reality and take stock in the value of new opportunities.

Sometimes, we need to get out of our own way in order to achieve the next level of success.

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Today I share how you can get out of your own way and overcome the mental triggers and the mindset that is holding you back. I reveal how you can break down what you do into a three-part system to maximize your strategies and effectiveness. I share why you should set your own goals and challenge yourself, learning lessons from inside and outside the industry. I reveal why it is vital to know your customer, recognize your value, and create a customer experience that puts you at the end of the funnel. I also share why it is essential to reinvest in yourself and constantly continue to learn and develop yourself.

“ Always know that you are moving forward and know that you are learning. ” – Jason Linett

  • Modifying the principles of change with clients and in business
  • Breaking down what you do into a three-part proprietary system: competition, challenge, and ownership
  • The internal competition mindset and the Positive Dissatisfaction with Success strategy
  • The challenge of making it your own and learning lessons from outside the industry
  • Defining the user experience and crafting a customer experience that puts you at the end of the funnel
  • Taking ownership of how you learn and reinvesting in yourself
  • Defining your audience and your value as a practitioner

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