The adage, “Whoever is the most flexible in their communication drives the communication” can often be considered as the cornerstone of a successful hypnosis session. You might have a client that isn’t paying for the session for themselves and recognize that this could be a red flag. Or maybe you have a difficult or resistant client sitting in front of you. Perhaps you have issues with no-shows and noncompliant clients. These situations pose the question: “What you should do?”

Do your clients need an all-or-nothing mindset to achieve the change they seek?

What needs to change to increase the client’s motivation and what is the client’s responsibility in the process?

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Today I share how to make your client hypnotic and bring the client into your hypnosis session by recognizing that being flexible is the key to driving the conversation. I reveal where opportunities exist to sell your client into the process by helping the client discover what they can bring to the session to help them make the change and discuss how you can open up with your client and ask more questions to bring them into the process. I share how you can reset a client’s perspective and educate them on the cause-and-effect relationship. I highlight why you need to satisfy objections before they arise and share how you can do this before the session begins. I also share how to link actions with suggestions and enforce the realization that the client controls their personal change.

“ Every hypnotic suggestion, nearly all of them, follow the same formula; it’s an action followed by a result, it’s a cause followed by an effect. ” – Jason Linett

  • Looking for opportunities where the client will further sell themselves in the process
  • Resetting the client’s perspective to focus on why they are ready to make a change
  • How to educate your client on the cause and effect relationship to interrupt the association
  • The influential conversations you need to have with your clients before you get started
  • Bringing your client into the process and the four questions of personal change
  • Linking action steps and suggestions to remind the client who is in charge
  • Why you need to satisfy objections before they arise by getting an agreement to action beforethe process begins

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