Derry Cooke is a Hypnotherapist, IAPCH member, and the Owner of HypnosisWorks, a hypnosis practice based in Whangarei, New Zealand where he specializes in helping people who have experienced trauma. By working with people through their trauma, he has committed himself to learning and internalizing other people’s methods and, over time, making them his own. Derry has a background in nursing with 30 years of experience in the health industry, gaining a reputation as the one who is good with difficult patients. He holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Auckland. However, since discovering hypnosis at the age of nine, hypnotherapy and NLP have become Derry’s true passion.

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Derry joins me today to discuss remodeling hypnosis. He shares how we can better approach the process of change by having better perspectives. He explores updating the models in terms of the classic NLP presuppositions and asks whether hypnotists have all the resources we need to create change. We discuss faith and how it applies to hypnosis. Derry breaks down The Arrow Technique and the interactions between negative and positive emotions. He also shares why it is vital to create consistency in our change work so we can ask the right questions at the right time to serve our clients better.

“ When you take this fresh approach to looking at things, your efficacy just goes up.” – Derry Cooke

  • How working on the body and deep tissue tension can elicit powerful memories, demonstrating the body and mind are one
  • Derry’s experience with training with Freddy Jacquin and The Arrow Technique
  • How The Arrow Technique can be used to ‘switch off’ chronic and acute pain
  • The three emotions and primary energy behind issues that trouble people
  • Using the positive drivers of human experience in The Arrow Technique
  • The principles of Derry’s remodelling approach, why you should always test your work, and the significant benefits of understanding how your techniques work

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