For the most part, the work that we do as hypnosis professionals is relatively straightforward and not that complicated. However, there is a minority of incidents where you will need to set professional boundaries. Perhaps you need to select the scope of practice and manage your time in advance, so you don’t run into challenges. You may even want to set boundaries so that you can increase your income and become a world-class hypnotist. Yet, many professionals in our field find it hard to recognize that they cannot be everything to everybody and they have a right to say no to serve their clients better.

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In today’s episode, I discuss professional boundaries and ethics. I reveal how, by setting your hours, you will be able to work with greater flexibility and have control over your calendar. I share why you should work with transparency and only take on the issues that fall within the scope and limitation of hypnosis. I explain how you can use office forms to better understand your clients and filter out those who are difficult or uncommitted. I share why we don’t have to do it all the same way and embrace that you are not the right fit for everyone. I also share what it means to have a practitioner-centered business that offers client-centered hypnosis matching the process to the client rather than the client to the process.

“ Set your days, set your hours. As soon as you do that, it actually opens you up for greater flexibility because you have control over your calendar .” – Jason Linett

  • Gaining greater flexibility by setting your hours
  • Understanding the limitations of the work we do and working within those boundaries
  • Fixing specific issues and when to make referrals to serve your clients better
  • What to do if you don’t have a referral source
  • The differences between coaching and consulting and giving clients homework assignments
  • How to use office forms to ask questions and better understand your client’s goals
  • Leveraging your office forms to filter out uncommitted, argumentative, or difficult clients

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