To rock out 7 years of the Work Smart Hypnosis Podcast, Kevin Lepine joins me! He is a master of stage hypnosis of more than 20+ years, performing nightly on the Vegas Strip with his comedy show Hypnosis Unleashed. Winner of Best of Vegas Award and nicknamed ‘The Rock Star of Hypnosis,’ Kevin’s first national broadcast iN YouR HeaD is grabbing the country’s attention. He was previously a Performer at Hooters Casino Hotel and a Performer, Hypnotist, and Trade Show Coordinator for H&H Wholesale.

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Kevin shares how we can unleash hypnosis on the community and discuss setting expectations during your pre-talk so you can exceed them. Kevin highlights the importance of having a mindset of ethics and leaving people better than we found them. He shares why you need to own who you are and concentrate on what you are fascinated by and how we can bring that into what we do to not become the next ‘someone else,’ but the first version of who you are. Kevin shares the importance of community and elevating each other. He also shares why you should demonstrate to others that you are coachable, trained, and willing to do the work to get to where you want to go.

“If you can establish the expectations, you can also exceed the expectations.” – Kevin Lepine

  • Why you should not focus on copying others but concentrate on being original and the ‘first’ you
  • Accenting and concentrating on what fascinates you and elevating what you are good at
  • Growing your career through good ethics and empathy
  • Finding the people and mentors who can direct you, teach you, give feedback, and help you learn
  • Making connections and showing your willingness to learn and be coached
  • Why you should see other hypnotists, not as your competition, but as your ally
  • Conveying information, setting expectations, and making your pre-talk interesting
  • Why it is crucial to reflect parts of the client conversation back to them in your pre-talk

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