The WORK SMART philosophy around different hypnotic techniques that we use with our clients to produce change is one of: ‘all these techniques work; you just have to use them.’ It is one that all comes down to the artistry, application, and customization of how we take these techniques to bend and morph them to fit with the client that happens to be in front of you on that particular day. The client may have been to another hypnotist and it did not go as expected, so you need to refocus the client to their goals to create a beneficial experience and move forward.

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This week’s episode is all about regress to success. I explore hypnotic age regression and offer several definitions, from the purists’s view of repressed memories to the concept of hypnotic suggestions creating positive or remembered hallucinations. I share how you can figure out what is great about your client and how we can harness that and put it to use. I reveal why and how you should condition your client to hear the technique and create a hypnotic contract. I share what sensory anchors are and reveal three positive life experiences you can use and bond to a success trigger. I also discuss how to phrase the notion that the technique will be required less as the client experiences more success.

“ Emotion is the language of the unconscious mind.” – Jason Linett

  • The theories behind the different concepts of hypnotic age regression
  • Why you should reframe your pretalk from what isn’t going to happen to what is going to happen
  • How to explain the regress
  • Building the success trigger roadmap and how to create anchors and sensory-language bridging techniques
  • How to leverage positive life experience states to anchor empowered states of mind, centered on education, physical ability, and creativity
  • Morphing your language to the client’s desired outcome state
  • How to build a case with the client that the technique will become less necessary long-term

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