Joni Brewer is a Coach and Consulting Hypnotist at Brewer Hypnosis where she works with clients who desire to be healthy. She is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, a Smoking Cessation Specialist with the North American Academy of Hypnosis, and a Board Member and President of the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association. Prior to starting Brewer Hypnosis, Joni was previously a nurse for sixteen years, a forester, a National Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), and an Instructor at Oregon School of Massage.

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Joni joins me today to discuss positively charged hypnosis. She explains how she leveraged her previous work experience and the benefits of one-to-one hypnosis training. Joni shares how she found her niche and why being in the right mindset is crucial to your success in completing tasks and finding clients. She shares what she has learned by working online during the pandemic and the techniques that have transitioned back into the office. She explains why sitting directly across from a client is not confrontational and how it helps you observe more. Joni also discusses the guest speakers and presenters who attend Oregon Hypnotherapy Association meetings and the intention to bring guests in on Zoom and make recordings available to a broader audience online.

“ Be yourself. You are the only one that has your experience, you are the only one that has your knowledge, and you are the only one who can put it together in your own way.” – Joni Brewer

  • The advantages of one-on-one training and sitting in on training hypnotist’s client sessions
  • Finding a niche that aligns itself with what your clients want to be
  • The link between your positivity, completing tasks and projects, and finding clients
  • Creating online videos so people can get to know you and how it helps you find the right type of clients
  • Why Joni sits directly in front of her clients and the benefits of observing and noticing more
  • The education and support available through the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association and the guest speakers that attend the regular meetings

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