Whether you’re a stand-up comedian, a stage hypnotist, a singer, a performing artist, a speaker – or even a podcast host – losing your voice is a common workplace hazard. It can happen suddenly and unexpectedly and put a screeching halt to your future plans. Vocal stamina is a real issue that pops up from time to time. So how do you safeguard yourself from losing your voice? How can you preserve one of the most valuable assets of your business?

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In today’s episode, I share how to not lose your voice and preserve your greatest tool. I highlight the importance of being mindful of activities that can affect your voice and how the food and drinks you consume can positively or negatively affect your vocal performance. I highlight how you can use your body appropriately to reduce vocal strain organically. I also share the value of investing in a vocal coach and the benefits of using a headset and microphone system.

“ Preventative care is going to be your best bet.” – Jason Linett

  • Vocal rest and being mindful of your daily activities
  • Food and drink that might affect your vocal stamina and implementing an elimination diet
  • The importance of staying hydrated and drinking beverages at room temperature
  • The benefits of breathing natural unpolluted air at regular intervals
  • Avoiding vocal strain by using imagery to change where your voice is coming from
  • The advantages of working with a vocal coach and engaging technological and in-office solutions and strategies

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