In one of our most recent livestream conversations we had in my Work Smart Hypnosis community, one member posed an interesting question: whether you should respond to suggestions of relaxation – or if responding could lead to possible danger within your session. The question came right at the end of a class, so we regrouped later in the community to discuss my thoughts.

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Today’s episode is an audio replay of that livestream. I discuss trauma and relaxation and share why you should not jump to the absolutes or generalizations as often as some, unfortunately, may. I reveal why the word ‘maybe’ is the most powerful term you can apply in your hypnotic session. I share why you should point your change process to the emotions and turn your client into the story’s hero by converting a negative ‘because’ statement into a positive one. I also discuss why you should be careful to avoid preconceived notions and go into your sessions with the expectation of listening.

“ Hypnosis is not relaxation; hypnosis, by way of definition, is a process that creates a more receptive state of mind” – Jason Linett

  • How to work interactively with your client, use real-time feedback, troubleshoot on the fly, and build unstoppable confidence
  • The suggestions and stages for creating relaxation using the Dave Elman Induction
  • Why you need to point your change process to the emotions
  • Hidden trauma, the reaction to the event, and whether relaxation can be achieved
  • Being careful not to hypnotize yourself before you hypnotize your client
  • Flipping the negative ‘because’ to a positive ‘because of this, it now means I could do XYZ’

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