Helen Wyer is a Hypnotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, Personal Performance Coach, General Hypnotherapy Register and Complementary Natural Healthcare Register member. She is the Founder of Advance Hypnotherapy, where she utilizes techniques such as Kinetic Shift, Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT), and OldPain2Go. Helen holds a Post Graduate Certificate of Education and Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of East Anglia. Prior to becoming a hypnotherapist, Helen formerly worked as a teacher for ten years.

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Helen joins me today to share her story from living in a mud hut to becoming a hypnotist. Helen shares how she discovered the power of imagination in her teaching career and how these experiences planted the seeds for learning hypnotherapy. She reveals how she uses her intake form to record the client’s specific language for use in their hypnotherapy session. Helen shares how she transitioned into hypnotherapy using an audience she already had. She highlights her favorite hypnosis techniques and describes how she utilizes a flexible hypnotherapy system that can be tailored to the client. Helen also shares how she encourages clients to leave online reviews.

“ Expect that change and that change will happen” – Helen Wyer

  • The experiences of working as a teacher that led Helen towards hypnotherapy
  • What Helen learned from living in a mud hut in Africa during two years of teaching
  • Using an intake form to capture the client’s specific language and discover the change they are looking for
  • How to use a hypnotherapy system that is flexible and adaptable and Helen’s favorite techniques
  • Creating an expectation of change in the pre-talk and spotting ideomotor signals
  • How to encourage clients to leave online reviews

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