Get ready for a complete lesson in compounding hypnotizability!

When working with new hypnosis clients, it’s important to set the stage for true hypnotic success. This is especially true when working with clients who have never experienced the power of hypnosis before, who may be hesitant or disbelieving in the way hypnosis can help them achieve positive change and transform their life. How do you prepare your client – and your sessions – for success? How do you assess their comfort level, calm their nervousness, and build excitement for the positive transformation that will take place during your sessions?

More importantly – how do you achieve all of this in an online hypnosis session?

Today, I share how to ensure your client’s success by priming with hypnotic convincers. I share how to use hypnotic suggestibility tests to compound hypnotizability and reveal how stacking hypnotic techniques, one after another, will result in your client going deeper into the hypnotic phenomenon. I also highlight how calibration is the ability to get in sync with your client and see how they are responding to instructions to create powerful hypnotic moments, in preparation for your session work.

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“You can use hypnotic convincers to build rapport, positive expectations, and to prime your client as to how well they are going to respond to everything you are about to do.” – Jason Linett

  • How to get change in motion before you get started with conversational influence and hypnotic suggestion
  • Bypassing the critical part of the mind to create an automatic reaction
  • Calibration and how to discover which type of hypnosis your client is going to respond best to
  • Conditioning a positive experience and compounding success to make more profound changes
  • Breaking down the components of the finger magnets, circle test, light and heavy arms, and hand lock hypnotic convincers
  • How to use your voice and tonality to strengthen the suggestion you want to happen
  • The easiest way to say the right words at the right time
  • Applying stacking techniques to other areas of your business

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