Laughter can be a powerful tool. For some, it helps people cope with a tragedy. Others use it as a mechanism to ‘break the ice’ or break an uncomfortable pause in a conversation. People use laughter to help them process difficult emotions and situations. As the late, great Ted Robinson used to say: “Many of us have a hard time processing true emotions without profanity.”

Laughter is dissociative, and the moment you laugh at something, you often begin to look at it in a different light. So how can we use laughter as a tool for positive hypnotic change?

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In today’s episode, I discuss how we can leverage laughter as a way to build rapport with our clients and create an anchor for hypnotic change. I explain how you can use it as a hypnotic suggestion tool in your practice and how you can incorporate humor into your client intake process to begin setting change into motion. I discuss how we can use humor as a way to help our clients change their perspective on their problem or situation and how changing their perspective enables them to effect positive change. I also share strategies for helping your clients celebrate and be grateful for their past experiences without reminding them of the problems they’ve already overcome

“ Hypnotic suggestions are not just words. They’re thoughts. They’re feelings. They’re actions. They’re experiences. They’re emotions.” – Jason Linett

  • Using humor to build rapport and create an anchor with your client
  • Using laughter as a hypnotic suggestion strategy
  • Getting your clients laughing about their problem as a starting point to create hypnotic change
  • Using laughter during your intake process to set change into motion
  • Helping your clients imprint new, positive emotions over old, negative ones through humor
  • Using humor and laughter as a way to help your clients view their situation in a different way
  • Helping clients ‘call out’ the situational obviousness of their problem and realize their habit for what it truly is
  • Encouraging your clients to celebrate their victories and be grateful for their past experiences without reminding them of the problems they’ve overcome

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