Session #411: Grant Offenberger on Dynamic Storytelling

Hypnotic Storytelling

Grant Offenberger is an certified hypnotherapist known for delivering transformational results. With a compassionate and client-centered approach, he combines his expertise with a deep understanding of the power of the subconscious mind. He has been featured on several television programs and has established himself as a trusted authority in the hypnotherapy realm. Through dynamic presentations, Grant empowers individuals to tap into their potential, providing practical tools for lasting change.

Grant joins me today to share his journey into hypnosis and NLP and discuss the power of dynamic storytelling. He shares an interesting story about finding a lost dog in the middle of the road and how it led to unexpected opportunities and an influx of new clients. We discuss the value of authenticity and compassion and how being genuinely authentic can attract more clients. He shares how he leverages fairs and events and explains what the NLP alphabet game is and how he uses it as a powerful tool to connect with others and attract new clients. We also discuss the correlation between increasing your rates and attracting more dedicated clients and the value of offering additional resources and personalized support to your clients.

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“Show them that life isn’t full of have-tos. It’s full of get-tos. You’re doing the same thing, but it changes it to a feeling of gratitude.” – Grant Offenberger

  • Grant’s fascination and interest in hypnosis and NLP
  • Shifting the client’s belief through dynamic storytelling
  • Leveraging the ‘entertainment mindset’ to help your clients achieve their hypnosis goals
  • The significance of reframing in hypnosis and its role in transforming perspectives
  • How being genuine, authentic, and compassionate helped Grant attract new hypnosis clients
  • Allowing people to make their own decisions instead of ‘hard-selling’ your services
  • The importance of organization and scheduling to effectively manage client interactions and content creation
  • Leveraging opportunities like fairs and events to showcase your expertise and connect with potential clients
  • Using the NLP alphabet game as a powerful and effective tool to connect with clients
  • Continuing your hypnotic education through classes, courses, and other resources
  • The connection between raising your rates and attracting more dedicated clients
  • The value of offering additional resources and personalized support

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