Chantelle Neufeld joins me today to share her journey from cult to freedom. She shares how she became a therapist following family losses and her approach to working with clients who have trauma, anxiety, and codependency issues. Chantelle reveals how language patterns can be used for good or evil purposes and shares how hypnotherapists can help clients with social anxiety through IFS Parts Therapy. Chantelle also discusses the importance of building therapist-client rapport and shares what you need toknow about working with people who have different belief systems.

Chantelle is the Founder of Mindful Regeneration , a Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, and Trauma Therapist. She is passionate about helping people recover from childhood trauma and was drawn to hypnotherapy and therapeutic work from an early age. Chantelle grew up in a homeschool cult and church cult and later created a group for cult-leavers to share their experiences and begin the healing process.

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“ All humans are continually evolving and changing. The person you were yesterday is not the person you are today.” – Chantelle Neufeld

  • Building new world views and supporting cult survivors
  • Family deaths and why Chantelle became a therapist
  • How cults use language patterns, pacing and leading, and conditioning
  • What codependency is and how hypnotherapists can help their clients
  • Resolving inner battles and helping clients with social anxiety using IFS Parts Therapy
  • Referrals and why it is vital to choose the clients you work with
  • Creating a marketing strategy using your intuition and inspiration
  • Working with people who have different belief systems

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