He’s back. Ross Jeffries returns to the podcast for the most-requested session ever recorded in the Work Smart Hypnosis series. His reputation proceeds him, and yet, when you sit down and have a discussion with him, he’s nothing like what you would expect.

I had originally expected to interview Ross on today’s episode – but he turned the tables on me early on by starting the conversation with questions for me!

Ross asked me dozens of questions and we covered a lot of ground in this episode – from my thoughts and ideas about the Esdaile State, the different trance levels, and whether I believe that this state could prove more useful for healing injuries to the body and recovering from surgeries more than “normal suggestion” or “normal trance” states.

We also discuss how I respond to the various questions and comments non-hypnotic people ask when they find out my profession and he puts me on the spot by insisting an honest opinion on whether I believe some people become so suggestible that they begin to dip into the realm of fantasy.

This is definitely an interesting, unique conversation that you won’t want to miss!


Please welcome Ross Jeffries to the show!

  • Ross asks whether I believe the Esdaile State really exists and if I think it is more useful when working with clients.
  • We discuss the claims regarding Esdaile State and how it helps heal the body quickly.
  • He asks for my definition of somnambulism.
  • We share our opinions on whether the Esdaile state is, or should, be considered a form of hypnosis.
  • Do some clients have more “user access” to different levels of ability than others?
  • We talk about the strategies I use to consistently bring my “A-game” to the office every day – even when I’m having a particularly bad day.
  • We talk about the “placebo effect,” and my thoughts on what it means when products are “FDA Approved.”
  • He asks how I decide to make those tough judgement calls to turn away a client when I feel someone else is more qualified to help a client with their specific problem.
  • Psychiatric medications and whether I believe they are useful and helpful for some people.

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