Dr. Kate Beaven-Marks, hypnotherapist and co-author of the children’s story book Sam the Sleepy Sheep joins me in today’s session. Although she has always had an interest in hypnosis, her passion really took hold while she was attending college, studying for her doctorate degree in education. This passion later leads to her working with patients in hospital wards before opening her own practice.

Kate has a unique outlook on the way hypnosis is taught in today’s society and some very interesting ideas on ways she feels professionals could improve the educational experience for students. Today, she shares her story, thoughts, and ideas on hypnotic education and integration as well as what she does throughout her own business in order to stay current in her practice, how she measures her own effectiveness with her clients and students, and how working in the hospital setting has impacted the way she works with clients today.

Please welcome Dr. Kate Beaven-Marks to the show!

“To stop learning about hypnosis, you’re actually going backwards.” – Dr. Kate Beaven-Marks


  • Learn what is it like working with hypnotherapy clients in a hospital setting and some of the challenges she has had to overcome in order to successfully help her patients.
  • She explains how this experience has benefited her current hypnotherapy business.
  • She remembers one of the first lessons she was taught early in her career was to ask her clients how they expect to go into hypnosis and how this technique has benefited her and her clients.
  • She talks about how much research she did about hypnosis while studying for her doctorate and why it took her 6 years to complete her research.
  • We discuss the improvements she believes needs to happen throughout the hypnotherapy educational industry.
  • She talks about a basic standard, a foundation, that students should be taught before personal stylistic techniques are introduced and why she believes this foundation is so important.
  • We talk about why some people decide to take hypnotherapy classes or courses even if they don’t intend to become a professional hypnotherapist, and how these skills can help them throughout other industries and professions.
  • She explains how her college research has impacted and affected her current business and how she works with clients.
  • She explains why she believes getting feedback is so important for your personal and business growth.
  • We discuss the importance of following-up and checking in with clients.
  • We talk about how the idea of writing the Sam the Sleepy Sheep book began

“Without a strong foundation, a student is simply learning hypnosis techniques by rote without actually learning how it was constructed.” – Dr. Kate Beaven-Marks

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Sam the Sleepy Sheep book by Rory Fulcher and Dr. Kate Beaven-Marks

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