Take your knowledge, training, and skills to the next level. This week is a “hands-on” training of an NLP strategy, “Changing Personal History.” On today’s show, I’m going to share with you refinements of a classic technique, as you’ll hear some nuances and enhancements I’ve found to be invaluable.

The same principles apply to our business. It’s all about taking simple strategies, and tweaking them just right to enhance your success. When you enhance your knowledge in this field, you take your clientsfrom a scripted and predictable situation to sessions that enhance both your business and your clients’ lives.

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“Business is not a yes or no game – it’s the strategy of shifting your potential clients into readiness or not ready yet.”


  • I talk about my process mindset concerning a strategy when your client is in a problem state of mind.
  • I discuss what I get done before I work my magic.
  • I discuss the meaning of ‘never lead the client.’
  • We talk about the difference between consulting, and coaching and hypnosis and NLP.
  • I revealmy strategy of anchoring.
  • You’ll hear me give you a comprehensive breakdown of the 10 steps to changing personal history.

10 Steps to “Changing Personal History”:

  1. Identify the problem state
  2. Identify the resource
  3. Access and anchor the resource state
  4. Label the problem state
  5. Access and anchor the problem state
  6. Break state
  7. Integration
  8. Test for a shift
  9. Future pace
  10. Break the old reality

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