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Session #243

Session #243 – Jess Marion on Debunking Secondary Gain

Jess Marion joins me today to debunk and explore the idea of Secondary Gain. She shares strategies, techniques, and methods for working interactively with clients who may be resistant to change. We explore the links of clients holding onto a problem because there is an unknown benefit of keeping it. Jess highlights when and how...
Session #242

Session #242 – René Klein on Hypnotic Breakthroughs

René Klein joins me today to discuss hypnotic breakthroughs and how you can build a successful hypnosis business. He shares his views on overcoming perceptions and how to get your business up and running. René reveals why it is vital to be willing to invest in yourself and put money back into your business. He...
Session #241

Session #241 – Ten Years of Professional Hypnosis

Break out the party hats, Jason Linett’s hypnosis business is ten years old! Professional hypnotherapists are business owners and hence need to know how to structure their business. They need their business to continue growing year after year while balancing a schedule and juggling many tasks and clients. There are many skills and tools to...
Session #240

Session #240 – Richard Nongard’s Future of Hypnosis Keynote

Today, I share Dr. Richard Nongard’s keynote speech from the Mid-America Hypnosis Conference on the bright future of the hypnosis industry. He highlights the sheer number of hypnosis conferences and how hypnotherapists are collaborating and sharing, instead of working against each other. He stresses why it is vital for hypnotists to represent ourselves positively. He...
Session #239

Session #239 – Brett Cameron on Hypnotic Truth

Brett Cameron joins me today to share his theory of the hypnotic truth and finding your own niche, passion, and creativity. Brett explains how his wife inspired him to study hypnosis, how he builds rapport with clients, and the strategies and techniques he uses when giving his clients hypnotic homework. He shares why it is...
Session #238

Session #238 – Dr. Tracy Riley on Taking Off

Dr. Tracy Riley joins me today to share her Stop Putting on Your Pants technique and how it helps clients with taking off in new directions. She reveals how to put a unique spin on networking and presentations and how to speak at community events across different audiences. Tracy highlights how to teach something that...
Session #237

Session #237 – Richard Nongard on Hypnosis Research You MUST Know About

Dr. Richard Nongard joins me today to discuss the hypnosis research every hypnotist needs to know about. He highlights seven of the most important pieces of research that the modern-day hypnotist should be aware of, the dangers of referring to research conducted years ago, and reveals where you can find peer-reviewed studies. Richard also shares...
Session #236

Session #236 – Maggie Wilde on Rewiring the Brain

Maggie Wilde joins me today to share the strategies she uses for rewiring the brain. She highlights how her control, program, and rewire technique is likened to humane electric shock therapy. Maggie reveals how to use the blink and eye roll control techniques as a pattern interrupter for planting new emotions and thoughts. She also...
Session #235

Session #235 – Scott Sandland on Hypnosis for Teens

Scott Sandland returns to the podcast today to share how to do hypnosis for teenagers. While many hypnotists talk about making sure their client is motivated for change, most of Scott’s clients are brought to him against their will. He reveals how to get teens to buy into therapy arranged by their parents and the...

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