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Session #252

Session #252 – Michelle De Lude on Powerful Metaphors

Michelle De Lude joins me today to discuss utilizing the words that people say to craft powerful metaphors. She reveals the power of our conversations when we ask the right questions, interrupting old ineffective stories, and negative language patterns to empower new results. Michelle shares her method for building metaphors and the homework she gives...
Session #251

Session #251 – Amye Scharlau on Hypnosis for Hot Flashes

Amye Scharlau joins me today to discuss hypnosis for hot flashes. She shares how she uses hypnosis for her stage show in addition to helping women who are going through menopause. She highlights why it is vital to use the client’s language with them and the positive domino effect that hypnosis can trigger. Amye also...
Session #250

Session #250 – Three T’s that Built My Business

Building a business from the ground up can be challenging. Even those that are up and running need to consistently grow year-after-year. You are not looking to reinvent the wheel to keep things going, but instead, you need to find ways to use your time and money better. It would help if you had an...
Session #249

Session #249 – Dan Candell on Anxiety Relief

Guess who’s back? Dan Candell returns to share his insights into working on anxiety relief. He shares why you should consider micro-niching to one category, how to build systems in your business, and how to create the ideal client experience. Dan reveals eight of the most powerful words that you can say to your client...
Session #248

Session #248 – Karen Gray on Consistent Hypnotic Growth

Karen Gray triumphantly returns to discuss creating consistent hypnotic growth. She shares how she uses hypnosis to enhance her work as a registered nurse and how she creates the best possible experience for her clients and the community. Karen highlights the scaling opportunities available to hypnotists and describes how she manages time with a busy...
Session #247

Session #247 – Dr. Fredric Mau on Anxiety and Trauma

Dr. Fredric Mau joins me today to discuss working with anxiety and trauma. He shares where we can start to build systems, protocols, and foundations to help our clients and highlights the evidence-based approach to hypnosis as well as specific research and updates to hypnosis terminology. Fredric reveals how hypnosis works on the limbic system...
Session #246

Session #246 – Duff McDuffee on Resilience to Stress

Andrew Duff McDuffee joins me today to share how you can help your clients build resilience to stress. He shares his Rapid Centering Technique and how this method helps people digest their anxiety and emotions and positively use that energy. He reveals how to change the reactions to stressors and how to set things in...
Session #245

Session #245 – Gary Turner on Fighting for Hypnosis

Gary Turner joins me today to share why we should be fighting for hypnosis and creating an environment of change. He shares how he moved from fighting sports to working with people with anxiety issues. We discuss what hypnosis is and how we should define it. Gary explains why he does not use inductions and...
Session #244

Session #244 – Empowering Public Speakers

As a hypnotist, you will undoubtedly come across people who need help overcoming public speaking anxieties and fears. These people come from all walks of life, but they are often high-performance professionals, business owners, and self-made entrepreneurs. For them, it is essential and advantageous to improve their public speaking skills and confidence. Today, I share...

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