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Session #371

Session #371- Expand Your Team to Win Faster

When talking to entrepreneurs and hypnosis professionals about outsourcing, I often hear statements like “I can’t afford to outsource” or “I can just do it myself.” While you may be able to do it yourself, that doesn’t mean you should. Expanding your team by hiring more technically skilled professionals is the best - and fastest...
Session #370

Session #370- Joshua Peters on X Factor Hypnosis

Joshua Peters is a speaker, coach, and certified hypnotist at X-Factor Hypnosis, where he blends hypnosis and coaching practices to help entrepreneurs and top performers across every industry to accelerate their business, enhance their creativity, and uncover their hidden challenges to create powerful positive change. He is also the President of Josua Rey Productions, LLC...
Session #369

Session #369 – Colin Chapman on Hypnosis is Amazing

Colin Chapman is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and stage hypnosis performer based in Richmond, Virginia. He is the founder of Hypnosis is Amazing, where he offers amazing, fun, and funny stage hypnosis shows. He is also the founder of The Joy of Hypnosis where he helps clients improve their sleep, quit smoking, manage pain, reduce...
Session #368

Session #368 – Tamelynda Lux on Freedom with Language

Tamelynda Lux is a hypnosis practitioner, speaker, and author of multiple books, including Bold Spirit: Caring for the Dying and Wrongful Dismissal: From Wounded to Thriving. She is the founder of Lux & Associates and StepStone Hypnosis, two hypnosis practices based in London, Ontario, Canada. For over 20 years, Tamelynda has helped clients through a...
Session #367

Session #367 – The Best Business Advice I Know

When most hypnosis professionals are starting their career, it’s amazing how many people keep making the same mistakes. And, of course, by making the same mistakes - they unfortunately continue to reap the same unfortunate results and things don’t go quite as well as they would like. But when you really think about it -...
Session #366

Session #366- Negative Suggestions that Work

Some hypnosis professionals believe that the subconscious mind can’t process negative suggestion. Often, they believe it so vehemently, it’s as if that concept is an absolute, undisputable fact. And the reason these professionals believe this concept is simply because that’s what their previous instructors have told them. But let’s take a moment to challenge this...
Session #365

Session #365- Laughter for Hypnotic Change

Laughter can be a powerful tool. For some, it helps people cope with a tragedy. Others use it as a mechanism to ‘break the ice’ or break an uncomfortable pause in a conversation. People use laughter to help them process difficult emotions and situations. As the late, great Ted Robinson used to say: “Many of...
Session #364

Session #364- Hybrid Programs for Client Success

Over the course of the last two years, millions of hypnotists have shifted their business models to offer their services online. And through this shift, questions like, “Are people still buying this?” and “Does this work online?” often come up. But there’s a bigger picture dialogue that needs to be addressed. Whether people are still...
Session #363

Session #363- Connie Jo Holmes on BU2BFULL Change

Connie Jo Holmes is a certified life coach, hypnotherapist, and founder of BU2BFULL, a hypnosis and coaching practice helping individuals ‘axe self-sabotaging behaviors’ to achieve a life of fulfillment. With over 30 years of corporate and non-profit managerial experience before starting her journey as a professional coach and hypnotist, Connie’s mission is to help her...

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