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Session #265

Session #265 – Rob De Groof Goes Online

Rob De Groof is the owner of Hypnosis Center Belgium and the European Hypnosis Academy. He is also the founder of The Mentalist The Hypnotist, where he travels the world to lecture and teach others about mentalism and hypnosis. Working from Belgium, Netherlands, Rob uses hypnosis to help people online via interactive video. He is...
Session #264

Session #264 – Kelley T. Woods Goes Online

Kelley T. Woods joins me today to share how she is working with children online. She reveals how to prime parents and ensure children are engaged, as well as tips on subtleties such as seating positions and camera set up. Kelley shares how you can harness a child’s imagination and creativity through online tools such...
Session #263

Session #263 – Howard Cooper Goes Online

Howard Cooper joins me today to share how he began helping clients through online hypnosis sessions.He shares the strategies and techniques he uses to help his clients achieve positive change in an online setting and why it’s critical for hypnotherapists to set boundaries with their online clients to help reduce distractions and encourage engagement. Howard...
Session #262

Session #262 – Lori Hammond Goes Online

Lori Hammond joins me today to share how she started her hypnosis business in the online format. She shares how you can set the stage for successful online hypnosis sessions by preparing your client and setting yourself up with a few pieces of technology. Lori reveals the inductions and techniques that work well for her...
Session #261

Session #261 – Tom Nicoli Goes Online

Tom Nicoli joins me today to share how you can go online and conduct hypnosis sessions over remote video. He shares the preparations and adjustments you will need to make to prepare for online sessions, including how to prepare your backdrop and your clients. He shares how you can find clients and advertise your online...
Session #260


It's Jason Linett here with a very different podcast session this week. While the world is navigating through the coronavirus pandemic, my goal and hope is that this week's episode will just be a footnote in history. This week, I share with you specific strategies to take your business online, provide a list of valuable...
Session #259

Session #259 – STOP IT with Richard Nongard and Jason Linett

Richard Nongard and I join forces today to share four language patterns that hypnotists should eliminate from their vocabulary. We discuss the various phrases that become a bad habit in your hypnosis and why you should avoid using filler and permissive phrases. We reveals why suggestions that are unrealistic and too bold are problematic and...
Session #258

Session #258 – Scott Sandland’s HypnoThoughts Platinum Keynote- LIVE from San Diego

Scott joins me today to share his HypnoThoughts Platinum Keynote, presented live from San Diego. Scott shares how HypnoThoughts Platinum differs from HypnoThoughts Live. He reveals how the hypnosis profession was changed by the internet and how it will affect our future. Scott also shares the extent of opportunities available to hypnosis professionals and highlights...
Session #257

Session #257 – Hypnotic Framing

Step into my Las Vegas classroom as I share my opening keynote presentation at the 2020 ICBCH Winter HypnoConference. The keynote and workshop were so well received by the people in attendance, I felt compelled to share it with you, my loyal podcast listeners. CLICK HERE FOR THE "HYPNOTIC FRAMING" TRANSCRIPT Why do you believe...

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