WSH392 – Kryssa Marie Bowman on Multidimensional Consciousness

Kryssa Marie Bowman is a Certified Hypnotherapist that combines elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rapid Transformational Therapy, and Neo-Eriksonian hypnosis techniques to provide her clients with lasting freedom from a variety of issues. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Psychology and Women’s Studies with an emphasis on Human Sexuality from Montana State University-Bozman. As a survivor of abuse, anxiety, and body image issues, Kryssa discovered first-hand the power of hypnotherapy and Rapid Transformational Therapy.


Kryssa joins me today to discuss what multidimensional consciousness is and how she leads her clients into the “Quantum Realm.” We discuss how she invites her ‘highest self’ into her client’s quantum journey sessions and how recording their sessions continues to help them even after the sessions have ended. We discuss how she explains multidimensional consciousness to her clients, how her clients typically respond to meeting their highest selves during a Quantum Realm session, and how she helps them develop realistic expectations following a session. We also discuss her process for helping clients reach the Hallway of Answers and Temple of Healing during the quantum journey and how she eases their concerns before entering a deep trance state.


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“The opportunities will start coming as long as you’re listening to your highest self.” – Kryssa Marie Bowman


●     How Kryssa leads clients into the Quantum Journey

●     Why Kryssa began inviting her own ‘highest self’ into her client sessions

●     How Kryssa explains what multidimensional consciousness is to her clients

●     The value of exploring the unknown or misunderstood areas of our conscious and subconscious mind

●     How Kryssa’s clients typically respond after a Quantum Journey session

●     Teaching other hypnotists how to perform deep trance quantum journey sessions

●     Helping clients reach the ‘Hallway of Answers” and “Temple of Healing” during the deeper trance quantum journey

●     Kryssa’s Manifestation Group


Resources Mentioned:


●     Podcast: Session #343 – Kryssa Marie Bowman on Near-Life Experiences

●     Quantum Journeys Hypnosis: Deep Trance Masterclass


Connect with Kryssa Marie Bowman:


●     Kryssa Marie Bowman’s Website

●     Facebook Group: Eliminate Self-Limiting Beliefs w/ Kryssa Marie Bowman

●     Facebook Group: Hypnotherapy Uncensored: Building a Better Practice

●     Kryssa Marie Bowman on Instagram

●     Kryssa Marie Bowman on Facebook



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