Kryssa Marie Bowman is a Hypnotherapy Practitioner and Certified Hypnotherapist focusing on Transformational Therapy and methods that provide lasting freedom from emotional, physical, and psychological issues. Kryssa’s approach combines Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Life Between Lives and Regression Therapy, and Neo-Ericksonian Hypnosis. She completed the Rapid Transformational Therapy Certification Program and has a Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Psychology from Montana State University-Bozeman.

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Kryssa joins me today to discuss near-life experiences. She reveals what it was like to enter the hypnosis profession to address something and fix something of her own, then recognize the opportunity to help others. Kryssa shares how you can leverage artfully vague communication that invites clients to access a place where they can create the change for themselves. She shares her experiences working with clients who have gone into past-life and between-life experiences. Kryssa also explores whether clients need to know the why, when, and how to initiate change during Regress-to-Cause sessions.

“ The client already has everything within them to heal themselves, and I’m just the facilitator helping them communicate with the part that has this knowledge.” – Kryssa Marie Bowman

  • How Kryssa found successful change with a single session of hypnosis after 600 unsuccessful psychotherapy sessions
  • The benefits of continued training throughout your hypnosis career
  • Working from the approach of being the facilitator and recognizing the power to heal themselves is inside every client
  • A metaphorical explanation of the subconscious and the highest consciousness
  • Using Regress-to-Cause to reframe experiences and help clients bring away the resources and tools to integrate into their present life
  • Using regression to positive experiences to initiate change

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