WSH393 – Chris Lemig on the Pathway to Confidence

Chris Lemig is a transpersonal hypnotherapist, meditation teacher, and the founder of True Nature Hypnotherapy, a hypnosis practice based in Seattle, Washington, focused on helping clients discover powerful inner resources to help them transform their lives, boost their confidence, release fears and habits, and open new paths of personal and spiritual growth. After initial struggles with chronic depression, addiction, and alcoholism, Chris moved to India and became an Ordained Tibetan Buddhist Monk before returning to America. Chris is also the author of the acclaimed book, The Narrow Way: A Memoir of Coming Out, Getting Clean, and Finding Buddha, as well as his most recent book, Hypnosis For Healing: A Handbook for Mental, Emotional, And Spiritual Wellbeing.

Chris joins me today to discuss his Pathway to Confidence program, its inspiration, and how it helps his clients transform their self-confidence. We discuss how his program helps clients overcome a variety of obstacles, including losing weight, improving self-esteem, smoking cessation, and early childhood trauma. We discuss how Chris expanded his hypnosis business by niching his services and why he decided to package it as a 6-session program. We discuss the value of identifying your ideal client, honing your message, and creating niche services that meet their needs. We also discuss how Chris interacts with ‘non-compliant’ or non-interactive clients, what inspired him to write his book, Hypnosis for Healing, and what he recommends to new hypnotists that are thinking about taking their business to the next level.

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“Feel the fear and do it anyway.” – Chris Lemig

●     How Chris’s hypnosis business has evolved since 2019

●     How Chris developed the Pathway to Confidence program

●     Shifting your mindset from being a beginner to becoming a professional

●     How Chris’ Pathway to Confidence program helps clients overcome a variety of obstacles

●     Expanding your business by niching your services

●     Why he decided to package the Pathways to Confidence as a 6-session program

●     Dealing with non-compliant or non-interactive clients while meeting their expectations

●     The pivotal moment in Chris’ hypnosis business

●     Building your momentum for creating content

●     What inspired Chris to write his book, Hypnosis for Healing, and how he uses it with his clients

●     Chris’ advice to new hypnosis professionals

Resources Mentioned:

●     Podcast: Work Smart Hypnosis Session #311 – Chris Lemig on True Nature Hypnotherapy

Connect with Chris Lemig:

●     True Nature Hypnotherapy

●     Book: Hypnosis For Healing: A Handbook for Mental, Emotional, And Spiritual Wellbeing

●     True Nature Hypnotherapy on Facebook

●     True Nature Hypnotherapy on YouTube

●     Chris Lemig on LinkedIn

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●     Chris Lemig on Twitter



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