Today, I share an update to THE ALL-POSITIVE PRETALK. I reveal the concepts behind the hypnotic pretalk and highlight why it is essential to talk about what is going to happen instead of what is not going to happen. I share why each statement is included in the process and describe the intention of each phrase. I also reveal how to add truisms, satisfy objections, and build rapport with your client.

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Setting the stage for a successful client experience is essential, and it is during the pretalk that this should happen. If you find yourself working against your client’s goals or feel that you are not as effective as you could be, then your pretalk may need to be reviewed and revised. If your pretalk has negative elements, then these should be changed into positive statements to ensure your clients achieve their desired goals.

“If there is ever a negative, distance and dissociate, frame the process as being effective.” – Jason Linett

  • The all-positive pretalk script.
  • Why you should define your ideal client for yourself.
  • Why you should avoid negative suggestions that are not your intended result.
  • Why the intake process needs to be efficient and direct.
  • Beginning the pretalk process with truisms.
  • Satisfying objections before they arrive.
  • Building rapport within the process.
  • Pre-framing your strategies in the pretalk.

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