Amber Cox joins me today to discuss medical coaching, raising the bar, and promoting the hypnosis profession. She shares what emotional intelligence is and its importance in helping people with stress, anxiety, and chronic pain. Amber reveals the hypnotic and NLP techniques that she coaches doctors to use to raise the client experience and find greater treatment success. She also shares how hospitals have a requirement to seek out alternatives and complementary medicines and her dream to have a formal hypnosis program in every hospital.

Amber is a world-renowned hypnotist, keynote speaker, a board-certified member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and the founder of Maine Hypnosis Center. She helps people make positive behavioral changes, working in stress management, anxiety, motivation, and pain management. Amber works in the medical field, helping physicians manage stress through hypnotic techniques to avoid burnout and the use of emotional intelligence.

“Emotional intelligence is the foundation of communication.” – Amber Cox

  • Moving from corporate sales to clinical hypnotherapy
  • What emotional intelligence is and working with stress management, anxiety, and chronic pain
  • How emotional intelligence in the corporate world is a trending topic
  • Coaching physicians on the set of behaviors and language they can use to improve their patient’s experience
  • The two-minute rule and other hypnotic techniques that doctors should use
  • How clinicians can develop patient-centered care through listening and rapport
  • Amber’s medical coaching model
  • Hospital requirements to seek out complementary medicines and alternatives to tackle the opioid crisis

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