Howard Cooper joins me today to share how he began helping clients through online hypnosis sessions.He shares the strategies and techniques he uses to help his clients achieve positive change in an online setting and why it’s critical for hypnotherapists to set boundaries with their online clients to help reduce distractions and encourage engagement. Howard also explains how he creates systems to support and streamline the user experience while working remotely and the techniques he uses to gauge an online client’s compliance.

Howard is the founder of Rapid Change Works,and a highly-recognized hypnotherapist known for helping clients create rapid shifts in their thinking. For over 15 years, Howard has helped over 2,500 people worldwide to create transformational changes in their lives, such as overcoming phobias, anxieties, and traumas that have plagued them for years. Howard’s work has been recognized in multiple media publications, including The Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Without Fear, and BBC London.

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“Whether it’s face to face or online – all you’re doing is chatting. All you’re doing is helping them sequence some new ideas together.”- Howard Cooper

  • How Howard discovered hypnosis and what inspired him to begin offering online hypnosis sessions
  • Strategies and techniques Howard uses to help his clients achieve results
  • The importance of setting boundaries and ‘ground rules’ with your online hypnosis clients
  • Creating business systems that encourage your online clients to be present during their session
  • The ‘user experience’ he creates with new online hypnosis clients
  • Looking beyond scripts and techniques to help your clients achieve results in an online setting
  • Examples of how he works with clients
  • Techniques you can use to gauge your online client’s compliance
  • Why he prefers online hypnosis sessions over telephone sessions

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