Kerry Hoath joins me today to share how he works online and how you can transition your hypnosis work and thrive in the online space. He highlights that anyone can learn hypnosis and modify techniques to work in any format. Kerry shares how he performs inductions and how to deliver them to clients that are visually impaired. He shares tips for preparing your client for an online hypnosis session and a few of the best video platforms to use for your online sessions. Kerry also shares how you can enhance your online presence to attract more clients that are looking for online hypnosis sessions

Kerry is the founder of Hoathnosis, where he uses NLP. and hypnosis to help people make changes in their lives and realize their goals. Kerry is visually impaired and has been conducting hypnosis sessions online for six years. He was previously a Cisco instructor for the visually impaired at the Association for the Blind of W.A. and a Linux system administrator at Lismore Internet Services. He holds a diploma in information systems and databases from the New England Institute of T.A.F.E. Kerry is also a musician, audio engineer, and hobbyist locksmith

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“ Anybody planning to work online and doing remote hypnosis sessions – if you go into this with the mindset of ‘this is going to work,’ then you’re 80% of the way there.”- Kerry Hoath

  • Why anyone can learn hypnosis
  • Working in a modality that is effective for our clients
  • Kerry’s first hypnotic success
  • Techniques for visually impaired hypnotherapists
  • Breaking down the Dave Elman induction, step-by-step
  • Working with visually impaired clients
  • The mindset required to be a successful remote hypnotist
  • Tips for getting your client set up for an online session
  • The best video platforms for online sessions
  • Finding online clients and managing your email client

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