Even when your income is good, you might feel frustrated with the shape your business is taking and are looking for a way to change things up. If you are feeling bored with doing the same thing day in and day out or haven’t found the success you desire, then burnout could be on the horizon. It is not always about increasing the number of clients you see or the amount of profit you make. To continue to grow your hypnosis business and increase your career’s longevity, you should focus on particular strategies

Today, I share how you can prevent burnout in five steps. I share the steps you should take with everything you do, starting with how to structure your business to work with clients and the issues that interest you. I reveal how to price your process and add value to what you do. I share the power of removing task redundancies and automating systems as well as how to structure your day. I also share how you can find inspiration, support, and accountability by reaching out to your community and how to model your success.

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“ Design your business to work with people you’re excited to see.”- Jason Linett

  • Why you should structure your business to see the clients and issues you are interested in working with
  • Why it’s okay to change to your specialty over time
  • How to increase your value, see beyond the dollars per hour, and duplicate yourself
  • How to add more value to the service you offer
  • How to build better systems to reduce redundancies in what you do
  • Why you should organize your day by mode
  • Why you can’t afford to ignore outsourcing
  • Why it’s vital to be your ‘own’ boss
  • Reaching out to your community for accountability and inspiration
  • Modeling your success on someone successful

Five Steps to Prevent Burnout:

  • Design your business to work with people you’re excited to see
  • Increase your value
  • Build better systems
  • Be your own boss
  • Follow the concepts of community and modeling

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