You can build your hypnosis business by following philosophies and strategies and refining the things you do. With a new focus on what is bringing people in, you can go after what is driving your business. Building a successful hypnosis business begins by assessing what you can do to serve the client better and get the result the client wants to achieve. Some clients are more motivated than others, so, if you can gauge a client’s readiness to produce change and fit this into a business context, success will follow.

Today, I share why you should position yourself at the end of the funnel where you are the premium service. I share the funnel stages that create a system where appropriate extra steps sit in front of what you do. I discuss the progression from free content on your website to your core service, with the result that the people you speak to are those who are most motivated and ready to make a change. I also share all of the elements you should have on your website pages and how you can structure these to create a persuasive and influential cycle.

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“You owe it to your clients to run a thriving funnel-based business because doing so,you can serve them even better..”- Jason Linett

  • Why a better run business results in better-served clients
  • Examples of content, which is the first stage of the funnel
  • How to use the lead magnet funnel stage to exchange something for something other than
  • How to use the tripwire funnel stage to upgrade a client to a low-cost purchase
  • How to earn money while you are acquiring new leads and clients
  • How the funnel stages condition your client for your core offer
  • Why your website should have different pages for each issue
  • The elements to include on your website pages
  • How to create a persuasive, ethical, influence cycle with ‘feature, so, benefit, result’

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