Funny story. Richard Nongard and I were on a call together talking about hypnosis. Like you do. And the topic got so good, we stopped everything, and recorded this week’s episode.

How can you live hypnotically? What does it mean to stop DOING HYPNOSIS and instead BE HYPNOTIC. We discuss hypnosis without the premise of a direct hypnotic application and explore the side effects that go beyond the personal change aspect of the work. We highlight how many people go into hypnosis without the preposition of becoming a hypnotherapist and how hypnotic communication allows you to become your own best spokesperson for what you do. Richard also shares the importance of hands-on experience with hypnotic phenomena and why hypnosis work should begin with an evidence-based approach.

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Richard is the Founder of Subliminal Science and Hypnosis Nevada. Richard has more than thirty years of experience as a Certified Professional Hypnotist and trainer. He is the author of best-selling hypnosis books and speaks to millions of people through keynote speeches, workshops, and videos. Richard is also the President of the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists and holds a master’s degree in Counseling and a doctorate in Transformation Leadership from Bakke Graduate University.

“ Hypnosis is a resource state that is well within the reach of all of us.” – Richard Nongard

  • Finding peace and calm within stressful situations
  • The goal of self-hypnosis and meditation, and the subconscious automatic response
  • Building rapport and how other professions utilize hypnosis
  • How hypnosis changes people and learning to maximize the moment
  • The value of pre-framing and stacking expectations
  • Examples of living hypnotically and applying the solutions to your life
  • Richard’s favorite induction
  • The benefits of incorporating online learning as part of your hypnosis training
  • Breaking away from scripts and rigid protocols to work creatively with your clients
  • Working with an evidence-based approach

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