Leon Sankofa is a renowned Social worker, Clinical Therapist, hypnotist, and the Founder and CEO of Family & Youth Foundations, a community-based mental health agency. He has dedicated over thirty years to working with families and youths in areas of substance abuse, mental health, and school social work. Leon holds a Master of Social Work degree from Virginia Commonwealth University and has received the Men of Vision Award from Virginians Aligned Against Sexual Assault and the National Leadership Award.

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Leon joins me today to share how you can fill in the gaps and build a hypnosis practice with a local offering. He shares the different modalities of therapy from his background and discusses how to introduce hypnosis to people. He explores the methods of change in hypnosis and NLP and how to make change stick. Leon highlights why you should have the mindset of not going into an interaction looking to receive something, but instead, to give something. He also discusses why you should focus on being a business person who happens to have a skillset and the value of using hypnosis as a tool to clear and optimize your mind.

“ As social workers, one of the key things they train you to do is advocate and fill in the gaps ” – Leon Sankofa

  • The advantages of gaining a Supreme Court-certified credential in mediation
  • How to start a business and open a hypnosis practice
  • Why you should focus on mutual value and have a mindset of giving before you get
  • Spotting voids in the marketplace and creating services to fill the gaps
  • What has to occur to make the changes stick and the conscious and unconscious minds agree
  • Introducing hypnosis confidently
  • Why you should have the mindset of a business person who happens to have a skillset
  • Working with clients who have experienced sexual trauma
  • Using hypnosis to clear and optimize the mind

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