Jess Marion is a Certified (H)NLP and NLP Trainer, Hypnosis Trainer, Tree of Life Coach, and a Consulting Hypnotist and Partner at The Intelligent Hypnotist. She is a conference speaker and the co-author of seven books and three digital training programs and was previously a university instructor for seven years in the fields of anthropology and comparative religions. She has a Ph.D., Master’s degree, and Bachelor’s degree from Temple University and the University of South Florida.

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Jess joins me today to compare NLP with hypnosis and coaching. She explores whether we should draw delineations between NLP and hypnosis and when and where we should start to go in different directions. Jess reveals what we know in terms of the brain and how hypnosis actually helps resolve issues. She highlights the importance of trance and what this means neurologically in terms of the brain’s structure. Jess shares the importance of structured flexibility in terms of creating change and how we can put this to use and integrate it within change work. She also shares how hypnotic change work is not just about the words and the role of gestures, tonality, and non-verbals.

“ The mechanisms that make hypnosis work are the same exact mechanisms that make NLP work. ” – Jess Marion

  • The intersections of hypnosis and NLP and why NLP won’t work without trance
  • The types of hypnosis, framing options, and the process that creates a trance
  • Creating trance without an induction by recognizing when trance occurs naturally
  • Meeting client’s expectations if you market yourself as a hypnotist
  • How to use the components of the coaching pattern and determining your opening gambit
  • Using multi-level communication with gestures, physiology, tonality, and pauses
  • Collaborating physiological feedback in deep trance
  • The role of the Default Mode Network in NLP and creating neural flexibility

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