Anthony Faiano is an ICBCH Certified Professional Hypnotist, Public Speaker, and the Owner of Victory Mindset. He is a United States Air Force veteran and during a 21-year career, he progressed from Aircraft Mechanic to Support Staff Supervisor and Master Resilience Trainer. He has an Associates degree in Aeronautics, Aviation, and Aerospace from the Community College of the Air Force.

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Anthony joins me today to discuss the victory mindset. He highlights why you don’t need to shut down one thing to launch another, and instead, create a seamless transition over time. He shares why you should not overcomplicate your hypnotic approach and why you should focus on using your client’s expectations as an opening for where change can occur. Anthony shares his work on resilience skills and team building and discusses learning what you don’t like to do to create a path towards discovering your niche. He highlights the advantages of leveraging active and passive business strategies and how you can craft your pre-talk to ensure your client’s buy-in. Anthony also shares a metaphor he uses in smoking cessation sessions and the importance of being a resource for your community.

“ Trust in your own artful skill to take the principles and create something that is authentic to you, because if you do that, you’re not likely to break rapport.” – Anthony Faiano

  • Why you shouldn’t overcomplicate what hypnosis is in your mind and why you should deliver what your client expects
  • The types of people who are reaching out for resilience skills and training
  • Anthony’s individual and group-administered team-building exercises
  • Knowing your audience when broadcasting your services
  • What is working for Anthony to bring in clients and how he has achieved a high social media conversion rate
  • How to craft your pre-talk, use metaphors, build rapport, pre-frame the experience, and ensure your client’s participatio

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