When things are at their best, it is time to consider and act upon what has to happen to scale and grow your business over time. Scale is a word that is gaining popularity around the world, although sometimes, it needs to be stopped and explained because to scale something is different from one business or person to another. The mindset of scaling is to take something you can already do and modify it to bring in a higher income while also serving your audience in a much better way.

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In today’s episode, I reveal how you can scale and expand your business to a level where you can serve even more people and help more of your audience with value going in both directions. I share insights into what needs to happen within a business and reveal what I have been and are currently doing. I share how to expand the reach of what you do and create a better impact in your business. I also explore the risks of ‘superhero syndrome,’ why it is vital to see that you can’t do it all yourself, and why you need to find ways to duplicate yourself and expand your skills beyond yourself.

“ Think bigger. By thinking bigger, we suddenly can serve a brand new audience.” – Jason Linett

  • What intent-based branding is and recognizing that it is okay for you to become wealthy on your journey if you are putting out value
  • Competing against yourself and upgrading your services to satisfy the problems and needs of what people out there are asking for
  • Why you need to be willing to stop and review what you’re doing and ask yourself what’s working, what can be modified, and what you can stop doing?
  • Why the best time to change up your systems and test is when things are working
  • When to automate or outsource and why you should be willing to hire others
  • Examples of how you can put these scaling strategies into use
  • The advantages of surrounding yourself with people doing things on a bigger scale, quality, impact, and income

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